Boys Bedroom 90% Done - WWYD windows?

amj0517June 28, 2013

This has been a long project for me. This bedroom started with builder white walls, a crib and a changing table. My boys wouldn't stay out of each others bedrooms so rather than fight it, we put them together. Someone here directed me to an inspiration photo for the stripes on the walls (Thank you!).

The bedding came from Target and the headboards are homemade (I think the total cost for both headboards was around $30).

The oak furniture isn't my favorite, but it is so well made and in good condition that I couldn't replace it.

I'm not sure what to do with the window. I originally wanted to make a simple valance that would cover the shade when it is completely open, but I'm not sure about the color. Dark blue, pattern, red. WWYD? I also think I need to make some type of panel on each side since the morning sun peaking through on the sides is waking my younger son very early.

Any ideas on the window treatment? Any suggestions for the rest of the room? I'd love any input. Thanks!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Wow! That room looks terrific! Love the horizontal stripes. Congrats and I bet the boys are delighted with it.

Would this be something you'd make yourself? Or are you looking for ready made? If you make it yourself, there are so many fun options you can do...for instance, applique a print over a solid on the valance:

You might want to just do a solid panel in a dark gray to match the stripe....or you can pick up on the other colors in the quilts...maybe repeat the red...

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What a great room! Could you outside mount a lined Roman shade? Or just plain sailcloth panels with liner?

Here is a link that might be useful: PB kid window sale

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If you have leftover fabric from the headboards (or can buy more) I would just do two panels maybe with even blackout lining and pull them closed over the blind at night. I think a small scale red or blue plaid fabric would work also and tie in with the bedspreads. A white or oak rod would work.

The room is did a great job with the headboards. I made a headboard for my master and was too afraid to tackle putting covered buttons in...good for you! And I think it's great the boys want to be together...however long it lasts! If one gets tired of being with brother and moves on to his own room...keep the room as is for sleepovers.

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Holly- Kay

What a lovely room. You did a great job on the head boards! I think it's great that your boys want to be together.

I can't make suggestions for curtains because I am never sure what looks good so I usually skip window treatments because of that.

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I love your boy's room. I think side panels either in the color of the headboards or the wall stripe would be great. If you could match one of the plaids in the bedspread it MIGHT look nice, but could also look kind of busy. A solid would not need to be changed if you change bedspreads.

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What a fun and cheery room!!! (no suggestions for you but had to pass along the compliment!)

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Your room looks great! If your kids aren't too young, I would hang panels. I would select the camel tone from your quilt or the off white. To accent the panel your could attach a 2 " inch strip of red fabric to the lead edge for a little punch. You can even add a strip of fabric to ready mades. You might not be in the mood for another project, but I wanted to mention that I have had great success using dark walnut gel stain on oak furniture. The coverage is remarkable and since it is a stain, it doesn't chip etc.

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I would outside mount a roman shade in a coordinating solid or very small print fabric -

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I don't think you could go wrong with any of the above suggestions.
My vote would be the dark gray, the white sailcloth or the navy. These colors will give you more wiggle room as the boys get older.
I second the idea of panels lined in blackout fabric.

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Great job on those headboards! And the bedding is GREAT! I would suggest red and cream ticking for a roman shade or panels for the window. It coordinates nicely with the patchwork you have already and is a good "neutral" pattern. I think solid curtains would veto heavy looking for the room. It looks wonderful!

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I love the room . it screams boy! Great work on the headboards and the wall stripes.

I also choose red panels for the curtains.

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I love your room! I needed this inspiration to finish the room that my 2 boys share. I like the idea of panels in red with blackout liner.
Would you be able to share the instructions for your headboards? They look great!

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Thank you for all the kind feedback.

My plan is to make the window treatments myself. I have so-so sewing skills. I think I can pull it off. After my original post I was at Target and saw blackout panels in the dark blue of the bedding. I grabbed two of them and I think I will cut one in half to make narrow, stationary panels on each side of the window to block the cracks, and then use the other to make the valance for the top of the window. The existing shade is not going to be replaced. I didnâÂÂt specify that in the original post.

I love the applique idea, Annie, but IâÂÂm not sure what I would use. I havenâÂÂt had luck finding any of the patterns from the quilts, and to be honest, IâÂÂm tired of looking. Baby #3 is due in 10 days so I hope to get this done before the big arrival. IâÂÂm leaning towards just adding a red stripe(s) to the panels and the valance to brighten the pieces.

Chestnut3: The headboards were so simple to do, and IâÂÂve never done a project like it before. I bought all of the supplies to force myself to do it, but was afraid to begin. But once I got going it was very simple. I used the video linked below as a starting point. If you do a Google search there are many instructional videos/blogs. They all pretty much do it the same way. I didnâÂÂt use foam because it was so expensive. Instead I used cheap mattress covers from Walmart for the padding. For a kids room it is okay, but if I were to make a larger headboard I think I would spring for the thick foam. I also skipped the batting because my fabric is pretty thick. Spray adhesive did nothing to help - skip it.

Cut the wood to size and predrill holes if you want to add buttons. I also measured and marked where the hanging hardware would be. I used a French cleat from Home Depot on each headboard and they are very sturdy. I wrapped the padding about 3 inches around the backside of the wood and stapled it securely. Lots of staples! Then I wrapped the fabric about 4 inches over the backside so it covered all of the padding. Staple like crazy again, pulling it smooth as you go. The buttons were made using a button kit from JoannâÂÂs and I added them to the headboard using the jumbo needles (upholstery needles?) and string. I anchored the string to the back with more staples.
My headboards are very tight to the wall because of all the padding and fabric. I imagine thicker padding and fabric would force one to have to build out the cleat so it can grab the wall cleat. Good luck. It was a fun project and only took a few hours once I got started.

Oh - if you want to do stripes on the wall, Frog Tape is the way to go.

Here is a link that might be useful: Upholstered headboard

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AMJ thanks so much for the info. I can't wait to try it in my boys' room! Yours looks great!

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You've done a great job! The room is fabulous.

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just a though on stripped wallpaper i did this for my kids room have a look at this site

hope this helps :)

Here is a link that might be useful: plushwallpaper

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Very cute ideas. IâÂÂm impressed. I love the way you were able to envision the themes so well. I also love the two big letters, Great job!!!

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No suggestions but love the room! So welcoming!

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The big letters were a big headache :)

I originally had my kids paint them for a personal touch. I primed the letters (which are just cardboard) then let them go for it. Apparently the paint I bought wasn't correct because it started to peel away. Then a friend suggested that I brush them with diluted Elmers glue, which I did, but that made the paint colors bleed into each other. They looked like a mess.

I finally said that we will just paint them red. My boys liked using the small roller, so it was still their project. Geesh - If only I'd known. I would of had them roll the red on to begin with! Lesson learned.

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