Would you buy a house with washer/dryer in bedroom?

needinfo001August 3, 2014

Would you buy a house where the washer and dryer were located in a bedroom closet?

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I might if I really liked everything else and could move them to a new laundry room.

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Much of our laundry originates in the bedroom, and it would be convenient to not have to cart it across the house. I've seen homes with the laundry associated with the master bedroom, and they looked fine. This may actually be one of the best places, in my opinion, for these appliances.

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It depends on the closet. If it's a huge, organized dressing room that also houses the washer and dryer, that's great to me. If it's a smallish walk in closet with a one piece stacked unit squished in, then maybe not so much (better than nothing, but on the other side of the house would be preferable).

BUT- Tom and I are childfree, and not old enough for our parents to need to live with us for quite a while, so our needs may not track with the average buyer.

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No (If it has to stay there)

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It wouldn't stop me from buying the house if everything else was good with it. It could just be removed and put in a better location. It is a very strange place to have a W&D. Very inconvenient. Is this an older home, no room for it elsewhere? NancyLouise

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Yes, I'd love that. I wouldn't want it right in the room with me, but if it was in a closet, that would be great.Mine is in the basement now and I have to lug everything up and down two flights of stairs. I am seriously considering having it moved into my closet, which adjoins the bathroom so the plumbing is already there. It makes perfect sense to me. Lots of new houses are being built with the laundry room on the second floor.

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If it's done right then I would. We have a 1st floor laundry room now and want to add a 2nd to our master bath/closet area when we remodel. There's plenty of space to reconfigure the area to include a stacked set. For resale we will still have a traditional laundry room. It all depends on how it works with the house.

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Watch out for excessive vibration that could be very annoying downstairs.

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I had that experience living below a newlywed couple.

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I would love to have it in the bedroom area but run it first (or ask to run it) close the door and see how loud it is. If it was super loud and shaking the bedroom that would be annoying.

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Not an ideal place, but it can work.

Our master suite is downstairs (the house is on a slope) and so the laundry room is on the other wall of my closet, across from my side of the bed. I can hear only the slightest sounds if I'm trying to take a nap while DH is doing the laundry, but it would be a lot louder in the same room!

The location of being near the master, but not in it, is VERY convenient. I want anything washed from upstairs (kitchen, 2nd bathroom), I just toss it down the stairs to the landing below and DH takes it away.

Yes, I wish I had a laundry chute, LOL! I remember them growing up; we rented a house that had one and it was the coolest thing in the world to a kid. But ductwork is (surprisingly) extremely expensive, so we reluctantly conceded we didn't have the extra $$$ when remodeling.

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Absolutely! Walking laundry back and forth across the house is a really silly thing to do.

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I would not like it, but it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me if the house had everything else I wanted.

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Thought I'd offer a perspective since we have this . . .

We didn't buy our house with the w/d in a bedroom - we renovated and did it then. The house had a w/d closet in the breakfast area of the kitchen. When we did a major kitchen renovation (including moving some walls) we turned the old w/d closet into a kitchen pantry and added a w/d closet in the guest bedroom.

A couple of points: The guest bedroom still has a real closet. The w/d closet is wide enough for a regular washer and dryer, and has double solid wood panel doors so it can be effectively closed for guests. The bedroom's queen bed makes a good folding/sorting station.

We thought it was a good solution for this house. Obviously we don't do laundry when we have guests. And we don't have guests so often that it's a problem.

And it beats the heck out of having them in the basement!

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

Our home has the laundry room upstairs, which we thought was a leakage risk (proof on the dining room ceiling showed it to be just that), but the leak got fixed and the ceiling repaired.

The laundry room has two doors. One to the bedroom walkway, and one from the master closet. We don't use that door. We put a chest of drawers in front of it.

Previous home, laundry was in an unattached garage. I hated that. Rain and dry laundry don't mix.

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Its kind of weird to have a laundry room in a bedroom, but pretty common in city apartments that I've seen. It wouldn't stop me from buying a home I really like if I would be the only one using it... but I would definitely prefer the laundry room to have its own separate space.

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We are building a home. In the hallway from the master bedroom leading to the master bath, the laundry room is on one side and the master closet is on the other. This a first floor master.

We also have another washer and dryer in a closet in the upstairs hallway. We designed the floorplan this way and are excited to take our clean laundry right to the closet, dressers, and linen closet with just a few steps. It should be great for aging.

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The only place I've ever seen that is on uglyhousephotos.com, but really, it is convenient so I could live with it if the place hit all my other "must haves."

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