My hubby can fix a rainy day, and Fun Quilter

grammypAugust 19, 2013

The Voyager is sewing again. We took her apart and worked on the presser foot shaft, and timing. Timing still seems a bit off, but getting there. In the meantime, Nolting is looking for some Fun Quilter owners in my area that will let me play with their machine. Anyone have one?


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Tim's a lot like Mike....really handy to have around.

Keeping fingers crossed that 1) the Voyager gets going again, 2) that you find a Fun quilter to play with, and 3) that you can make a change without too much frustration.

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There is a lady with a Fun Quilter 32 miles from me! It is even on the same frame I have. Gonna call her and see when I can come and play.


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Looks like I will be getting a Fun Quilter! It was so nice and smooth and quiet. Didn't realize how poorly mine ran till I got to play with the Fun Quilter. Hopefully be here in 4 weeks.


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That's awesome, Beverly! Do you think your Voyager is just a lemon, or is it something about Voyagers in general?


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Yea! I'm so glad to hear the Fun Quilter lived up to its name. Looking forward to hearing about it.

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The Fun Quilter is on order! Don't know when it will get here, but it is ordered. Happy Anniversary to me!

Donna, I think it is just this machine. The first one they sent sewed like a dream. No trouble with it at all for almost a year, except a small hole at the base (they are stretch machines) and started leaking a small bit of oil. They Hinterberg folks said it was still under warranty so send it back and they would repair/replace it. So I did, and here begins my saga. I received a very used machine back and it has been nothing but trouble. Hinterberg was purchased by Nolting, and it took me a long time to track down someone to help. They were very nice and helped me work through most of the problems. We thought about having it refurbished, but it costs a fortune to ship, and there isn't a place close that does that. So this is just the last straw. The Voyager weighs 78 pounds, the Fun Quilter weighs 38. The Voyager uses only King Tut (trust me, I tried), the Fun Quilter uses anything (the lady I went to see showed me her collection of thread and she has quite a collection). They will deliver and set up for me and make sure everything is working well. This is gonna be great.


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