small doormat color ok?

WendyBJune 13, 2014

I had a coir doormat here which blended in with the floor nicely, but boy does it shed!!! Drove me crazy. Its gone!

My goal was to get something that blended in with the floor and mostly disappeared to not detract from the decorative rug, but that may be hard to accomplish.

So I bought this waterhog one online and the online pic looked more like the floor color, but IRL it is definitely brown.

Would you keep this one or keep looking? (I can still return it with no shipping charges). Probably I am overthinking this. Usually do :-)

Functionally, I really need something there. This is the primary dog-in and dog-out doorway 3x a day 365.

(OT: Yes, I know the round rug is too small and too floating, but can't do anything about it. Usually the desk chair is half over it. :-( And window treatments are still on hold. keep going back and forth between woven woods ($) vs. fabric ($$$) roman shades. I want cordless top-down-bottom-up which is only available in fabric, but that is 3-4x more expensive than woven woods and not in the budget now. There are 3 more windows nearby that I would treat the same as these 3. and I don't want panels.)

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I think it looks fine and doesn't detract from the round rug at all. If you think it does, you could get a narrow umbrella stand to set next to, or on the rug to make a little niche there.

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I'd keep it, function over form.

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it looks fine !!

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It looks like what it is, a waterhog mat. Fact is, it'll take more than that to absorb what is ever on a dog's paws; two steps, and he/she is off the mat, right?

If you want something mover esthetically pleasing, I'd go for a seagrass mat, or something like that, and keep some towels nearby to wipe the dog's paws with on rainy/muddy days. Otherwise, what you have does the job and is in a place in which it is meant to be.

Depending on how trainable the dog is, you can always get a long mat to run along the entire stretch of the slider doors, and train the dog to walk down that mat when coming into the house and NOT on the round rug. It is doable! And that would allow more moisture and dirt to be absorbed by the mat from his paws.

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I'm not necessarily an all-function or all-form person but I think you' be done well. It doesn't detract from the floor or rug at all. In fact, it's hardly noticeable.

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Ah yes, a natural rug would be the color I am looking for and won't shed like the coir does. Perfect!

Yes, I do keep a towel nearby for wet days. when I bring the dog in -- on a leash too -- she doesn't even stop on the door mat. It's too close to the door for both of us to stand on. She walks to the middle of the green rug to be wiped down!!!

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My house is a dog house. I don't even worry about the mats that she rolls up sliding inside after playing frisbee in the garden hose. She and her daddy, I thought would be the death of me, but it appears I had a change of heart since my niece's American Border collie (sister to mine) was killed yesterday. I will put up with it, I will put up with it, I will put up with it. I do not like a dirty house and I love the dog and my husband. I love my dog and husband. I love my dog and husband. I love my dog and husband but I need some nerve pills and a full-time housekeeper.

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aw.... so sorry about doggie relative passing. Love animals, but it is so hard to lose them.

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