Matching solids w/prints

K8OrlandoAugust 18, 2012

Is there a way to determine which solid colors from a fabric company will match the prints from a particular line? I'm thinking specifically about Moda and their Bella Solids. I want to match the white/ivory/cream background color in Moda's Ruby prints but don't know which one of the several Bellas is the best match. Is there a color code built in that would help?


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I find Moda to be the most frustrating for matching solids. I mentioned that to you when we were grabbing fabric like hungry dogs in Lancaster! :~)

The charms I bought have a list of the fabrics by number on a sheet included in the packaging. That doesn't necessarily help you with matching a solid, unless you can shop in person, or rely on a good shop over the phone to match it for you. will.

I took a workshop this past year with Sandy Klop, American Jane designer for Moda; she said Moda only keeps their lines available for 6 months, then on to newer fresher colors, and prints.

Perhaps if you find a solid color card online for the year of the series you are trying to match, you may be able to find what you are looking for, and a call to Moda.

Here is a link that might be useful: Moda collection

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Look on the selvedge, there may be a row of colored dots. Those will be the colors used in the fabric and can be used to help with matching.


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hmmm... now that's a good question. Last week I took my moda dream on charm pack to the a quilt shop and w/ the owners assistance, we picked out 5 small prints that read like solids to accompany the prints in the pack..perhaps that's an option?
Let me know what you discover as I also hope to use my ruby jelly roll someday. love that ruby!

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OK... now I'm feeling a little dopey. Because I have jelly roll and charm pack I thought I didn't have the salvage dye dots. But I just looked and the jelly is tied with the salvage strip! Cool!

It doesn't help with the coding question but it's good to know!

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Is it the Ruby collection from Moda?
Look at Beverly's-I have been very happy with everything I buy from them. On sale too!
I'm surprised there wasn't a list of the fabric numbers in the charm pack- mine were on the backside of the sheet, not visible until I opened them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Beveryl's - Moda Ruby

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Marsha, I have the numbers for the Ruby fabrics. I'm just trying to match up shades with Moda's Bella Solids. I was hoping there was a way to know which solids went with the prints by using the fabric numbers. Like everything that ends in -13 is an "Ivory" Bella and everything that's -15 matches "Dove Gray" Bella.

I emailed Moda but don't have an answer yet.

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Here's the cream that matches.

I like the pattern too!

Here is a link that might be useful: Moda

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