Should I be worried about this chip?

nhbasketsApril 20, 2014

Went back over to our new build house today to look at the countertops that were installed yesterday. I found a small chip in the stone against one of the walls to the left of the cooktop, maybe 5/8"-3/4" wide and coming out 1/4"-1/2". We will be installing a backsplash at some point, but not immediately due to budget. Is this chip something I should be concerned about? Also, they did not caulk against the wall. Should I leave it as is or caulk it ourselves?

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I would get the builder to do it.

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Zackey--do what? The caulking?

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Hopefully one of the fabricators will comment but my inclination would be to contact the fabricator to repair the chip. No clue about the caulk.

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This particular chip is so easy to fix, even a homeowner can do it.

Over-fill the chip with superglue. After it has cured scrape it to flush with a razor blade.

You'll want to do this sooner rather than later, as the chip will accumulate contamination the longer it is un-repaired.

You wouldn't be out of line to expect the fabricator to do this and caulk with paintable latex either.

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Trebruchet--thanks for the super glue suggestion. Something I think we can handle, but I'm certainly going to mention it to the builder. The fabricator is over 1 hour away, so I'm concerned this would be sitting for awhile with a lot happening in the area to contaminate the chip.

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Have you closed on the house yet? If not, definitely get the builder/fabricator to fix it before closing - this is their responsibility.

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Won't be closing until mid-May. I agree it's their responsibility. I'll be emailing the builder tonight. Why can't something go smoothly?

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Chip and caulk. I don't know if I'd try to fix it myself. If something goes wrong then you're stuck. Both our builders cut as many corners as possible. We went to the houses every day and found things installed wrong. A blue tub in a brown bathroom, A plain window instead of a half moon one and the killer was when they put the end wall of the porch in the middle of the kitchen window.

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