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live_wire_oakApril 9, 2013

Here is a link to our before, during, and after album that our sales manager did for us. The pics are a bit washed out, but they work to let you know the process.

The whole construction project was complicated by the fact that we never closed the doors to the business all the while we were doing all of the construction. We had to play musical chairs with all of the flooring displays in order to create the open space that the kitchen showroom was to occupy, and then edit all of that down to just what was going to stay.

And since we did all new floors as well, we had to install all of that by shifting every single display around about 12 different times. The last 2 weeks, we all worked 14 hour days to make it come together in time. I'm afraid I slept most of this past weekend and still feel beat up!

Here's the result.

And here's what I it looked like from my head to the design software.

Here is a link that might be useful: Before, During, and After: A New Showoom

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WOW! The old showroom wasn't bad at all, but this is fabulous. I love how complete the displays are, large enough to really see the products. Should be a huge boon for the business, and well worth the huge effort. I especially like that you have those curved mullion glass doors front and center in the Dynasty kitchen. Congratulations on such a great outcome!

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Very nice :) Good mix.

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Very nice! I like the wine bar area. Just sorry I couldn't make the party!

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While most of us build only one kitchen, you've built about a dozen.
Nicely done!

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Wow, you've got talent and have been busy! Very nicely done.

Love your Dynasty backsplash w pencil line above the one row of marble. Never would have thought of that.

What is the black colored stone/other? Is it black marble, soapstone, or a granite?

Good job Live_Wire_Oak. Your clients will benefit from your talents.

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That is a lot of detail for the kitchen. I love the backsplash with the pencil liner. Neat how you mixed stain and painted finish in the upper. Do you have a straight on photo of that?

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Wow! That's awesome! Very well done. Would love to see it in person if I were close enough!!!

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Very nice, looks great, congrats!

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The dark counter on the Dynasty kitchen is actually Parys Cambria. And the white on the Blue Lagoon island and the Porch Swing desk area is Torquay. The backsplash is a mix of marble and glass. 3 different, but coordinated, looks on each wall. The fridge wall has 12x12's on a diagonal with the smoke liner and the 3x6 subways below. The sink wall has the 3x6 marble subways and the smoke glass liner, with 3x6 white glass for the field. The smoke liners surround the glass and marble circles tile in the darker grey mix. The desk wall has the same glass and marble mix in "sticks", but in the mostly white mix.

Cambria Parys


Emser Lucente feature tile. Emser was fabulous to deal with. Very supportive of us featuring their new lines in the vignettes.

And I don't think she took any pictures of my office space, which is my own little sanctuary. I designed it to my taste, which is "zen modern" more or less. I did have to meet certain corporate set criteria in the choices, but I think it works as a functional space, as a display for Aristokraft, and as a successful design.

Love the J&J Likeatree carpet tiles!

Another of my favorite things is the Yellow River granite. It has the warm browns and greys that pull together the Tidal Mist hutch area with the Black Forest Alder main cabinets. Plus, we did the full height granite backsplash. Pacific Shores Stones donated it, and Granite4Less did the fabricating. They bookmatched the seams so that the veins flow across the whole space.

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Looks great!

Just wondering what kind of fridge that is in the first pic?

Thanks and congratulations.

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It's a fairly plain regular depth Whirlpool in their new white ice finish. (I did extra deep cabinets on that side to "build in" a standard depth refrigerator.) I preferred to show the French door, but it came down to budget. Since the only thing the fridge holds is drinks for guests and bagged ice, the side by side it was. If it were for a working kitchen, the budget would just have had to adjust for the French door. I hate side by sides.

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You must be so glad it is all over! Job well done!

How wide is the double vanity with the linen tower on the left?


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Love seeing the pictures, what fun (and work) this must have been to design and install.

What is the gorgeous tile in the Aristokraft bar picture? I'm thinking something like that might work for localeater.

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I really like the backsplash choices!

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My thought process keeps fluctuating from " You get to do THAT for your JOB?!", to "Doing one kitchen just about killed me, doing all that would certainly put me in the loony bin or six feet under!" But I am an amateur, and you are clearly a professional. The details are amazing, and I'm still taking them all in. Congrats!

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Oldbat, the tile in the Aristokraft coffee bar is Emser Cape Cod. It's a thick handmade crackle tile and comes in the blue that we chose as well as a green and a white or ivory.

Cape Cod in Ocean Blue Crackle

Thank you for the kind words everyone! Yes, it WAS very draining to start from scratch with nothing, But, it was also very exciting. I had always worked in existing showrooms designed by others, and I had never had the opportunity to create my own surroundings and grow a business into what I can make it. That's the main reason I took the job, even though it was a bit of a pay cut. I'm hoping to turn this into a success for me and everyone else here!

Here is a link that might be useful: Emser Cape Cod

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Rae, I missed your question the first time through. It's a 60" wide vanity combo with center drawer (single piece unit). It's by Dynasty, in alder with a mandarin stain and coffee glaze.

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Your blood and sweat really paid off.
Interestingly, altough several different kitchens in one, they don't look... different! Like they go together.

I also like the shape of your office cabs. Really sleek.


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I linked direct to your Aristokraft coffee bar, which is so sleek! Love that backsplash-you "stair-stepped" the tiles on the side wall? Amazing...

Do you mind telling me what sink you put in it? Doesn't look like stainless.

Thanks L_W_Oak. Nice job!

Here is a link that might be useful: link to coffee bar and backsplash:

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The sink is a Blanco Silgranite D shaped bowl, designed for topmount. The anthracite color complements the display better than the white would have with the Formica Calcatta Marble counter. The whites would have been off. The hard part of the install was because the sink hole was so near the edge. The counter came in with a reinforcing bar underneath spanning the hole for support during transport. I had to set the counter with it still in place and then use a multi tool to cut out the support. I then installed a few extra build up supports on the sink base top before I dropped the sink in place.

The other difficult part of that display was the under counter lighting. It's by Hafele, and I had a learning curve with it. Being the cheapest display, I started with Aristokraft and put the tape LED directly on the bottom of the cabinet edge, where it's easily visible---on purpose. The power cord for the transformer needed a large hole drilled in the cabinet side so I could run it to the bottom of one of the wall cabinets (to be visible for education) and I had to use a right angle drill to do that because of the close quarters. Unfortunately, the bit I chose was just a bit too small for the power cord and the switch, and I had to drill a second hole next to the first to enlarge the opening. I switched to a 3/4" hole saw on the subsequent holes that I had to do for the power cord in other displays.

We chose to display different methods of treating the tile (both floor and backsplash) throughout the showroom. On the Aristokraft display, we chose a Schluter trim piece for the right hand side and the stair step for the left wall.

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Very nice job. Glad to see that you used both blind corner and lazy susans in your displays. It at least shows potential clients what it looks like both ways and sometimes one works better then the other.

Just curious, are all prosource showrooms displaying cabinets now? Also, prosource doesn't sell to the general public?

Good luck with the new venture.

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Very nice. I like the way it looks like real life and a display at the same tile. Good work!

Many years ago I did some retail display work for the department store where I worked. Think womens suiting bust forms in the '80's. It was fun to amp up wearable ideas - especially in the LA Law era.

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