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shatzi03August 1, 2011

I have a Singer Golden Touch and Sew model 758 which was purchased in 1969 (the last T&S before the free arm model came out) . . the machine, being well maintained, has been extremely reliable for the last 41 years . . now, I want to use this machine for quilting and would like to know if there is an attachment that can be purchased to enable me to do this . . I also have a Singer Featherweight but I don't believe I can use the FW for quilting . . . any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated . .thanks

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If the T&S has the ability to drop the feed dogs and do machine "mending" then you will be able to free motion quilt. Check your manual.

I was able to attach an even feed foot (also called a walking foot) to my 1969 Singer Fashion Mate machine and do straight line quilting with that machine for many years before I purchased my Viking. It could be that any older walking foot attachment for Singer models would work on your machine. This foot may be more expensive than simple feet because it has moving parts.


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As I am not familiar with the foot for the T&S, you need to know if it is a slant foot or straight when looking for a walking/even feed foot to go on your machine.

There are some quilters who quilt with their FW, but it is not generally recommended.


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I have walking foot for my T&S (yours is the fancy one compared to mine) and have done some straight line quilting with it no problem. You should take one of your extra feet with you when you shop for a foot just to make sure you purchase one that will fit your machine. Mine is a long slant shank model. Budster

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I also have a Touch'N Sew Singer 758 and love this machine. I would not change any of the new ones for this Singer. Now, also, I would like to machine quilt with it. I misplaced my instructions book and cannot remember the procedure to machine quilt with my T&S. I did it before but my mind is not into it I guess... I remember I have to put the no-dog plate and there is the embroider attachment to put on. Then, I have to put the foot pressure to Darn or do I?? Yet, it doesn't work at all. Could it be a thread problem? there is not even a good stitch after stitching a little bit. What am I doing wrong?

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I have the answer to my problem: the needle size was too big. Changed it and also put the pressure foot at Normal and now, everything works fine. Never give up, that is my motto!!!

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