Where to install oven? please help!

missteaApril 2, 2013

Hello people!
Im getting my kitchen made but getting foggy brained about where to install a built in oven. There are 2 locations, marked as "?" as shown in the drawing:
1) Right next to the sink near the doorway that leads to the lounge. In this arrangement the microwave can be on a shelf on top of the oven. The sink here is to allow me to do the laundry more conveniently. Once the 17" wide sink is installed, i have almost 3' 3" to install an oven. The lounge will have a dining arrangement so a microwave near the door would be convenient. However i was thinking, is it a good idea to have an oven near a doorway? Is an oven installed near a doorway a bad idea if the kitchen door has enough transparency i.e the door would be a combo of wood and glass.
2) Or if one comes into the kitchen, it could be in the area marked "microwave" where the other "?" is. Again in this arrangement the microwave can be on a shelf on top of the oven. However, an oven placed here would create another 2 feet of wall when coming into the kitchen creating almost a corridor of sorts of almost 8 feet.
What am i to do? Please help.
In both the arrangements, the plan is to install the oven slightly mid-counter, not under the counter, and to keep the microwave on top on a shelf.
some help would be greatly appreciated!

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I can't see your drawing, misstea.

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heres the drawing, sorry abt the crumpled paper

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