mjsee's kitchen color stories...comments? LONG

mjseeJune 26, 2012

SO--I think I've picked the finishes for my kitchen remodel. I love everything in these pictures...particularly the backsplash tiles. Still struggling with white vs stainless for the appliances...and haven't QUITE decided on the flooring.

Flooring is going to be marmoleum--those are Sahara and Red Copper. Current thought is to do a perimeter band of red copper with Sahara in the middle of the room. Waiting on additional tiles so I can play with patterns in the space.

Tile is jasba's lavita in the Sunset Red mix.

Cabinets will be Bridgewood Advantage in maple with a wheat finish.

Counter is Ceaserstone Lagos Blue.

I'm not worried about resale. Kitchen is minorly open to DR and LR via a large pass-through. One of the reasons I chose the lavita tile is because it coordinates nicely with the fabric on my DR chairs...and my red sofa. All colors I love.

Final question...is my tableau a reasonable way to choose appliance color? I honestly prefer white...but am concerned that it might be too much contrast...

I'm off to work...will check back in later this PM.

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Wow, great choices! I really love the tile. Imo, white appliances would look fantastic! Go for it! You're going to have an adorable kitchen!

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I agree with white. It would make the room cheery!

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Forgot to mention, use white in small doses and larger amounts in adjacent rooms.

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Initially, I agreed with white. However, if you look at the cabinets and try to visualize the appliances next to them, then the white may be too jarring. So, I'd go with ss and use white in the accessories.

Here is a link that might be useful: red backsplash/appliances/cabinets

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Great choices. I like the backsplash. Given the images you shared, I think the stainless appliances would blend more, which is usually the goal with appliances.

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I do think stainless would look very pretty, but if you are partial to white, I think it would also look great, & why not have what you prefer? As Oakley said, it would look cheery. Stainless would look more sophisticated. Both would look terrific, it's just perky kitchen(white) vs. understated kitchen (stainless) imo.

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The stainless gives the countertop something to talk to, and is more sophisticated than white. Red and white run the risk of turning into Kountry Kitchen, iykwim. And the white *really* stands out if you squint (what I do to get a general sense of colors), whereas the stainless allows the backsplash to be the standout element. Imagine your appliances standing out like big white blocks.

You could very easily use some white in accents like dishtowels or candles or something.

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Everyone has excellent points. And my dishtowels are white. Always.

Excellent points, everyone. I shall have to give this some serious thought. hmmmmm....

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Mjsee, good luck...it's a tough call. That shows how wonderful the elements you selected are! They are quite versatile. But...I think Flyleft's post has steered me over to stainless! Still think white would be cute, but may indeed veer into country land which I don't think is your intention. Stainless would be pretty much a sure thing.

I always say stainless is like blue jeans! You can dress it up or down; it's classic, timeless, and sturdy! I have enjoyed mine ( & I'm pleased to report that my stainless appliances are not fingerprint magnets, yipee!)

I just love that tile of yours so much...those colors are amazing. Can't wait to see the finished product.

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I promise...I'll post updates. ;^) And the arguements FOR stainless are making sense to me. Which will delight The Husband. I'll have to find another home for my magnets...I have quite the collection. I'm thinking a magnetic board on a wall...perhaps galvanized steel...

What little wall surface there is will be white. Probably Ben Moore's "Mascarpone". (My favorite white.)

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I vote for stainless. And as far as magnets go, I'm not sure why but we have two stainless fridges and magnets stick to one but not the other. Bring a magnet with you when you shop and test them! :)

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