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fraidycatdesignerApril 12, 2010

We are building a new home. My son is on a special medical diet, which means 2 different mayos, salad dressing, etc, etc. So we need lots of refrigerator space. We have already decided on a beverage refrigerator for drinks (soda, juice boxes, water, etc). but what to do with the refrigerator. We have looked at a 27in fullsize fridge that stands next to a 27in fullsize freezer by frigidaire that runs around 2500. Or I can go with a 36in fridge with freezer drawers. This will cost alot more money. But, I do not want the focal point of my kitchen to be the refrigerator. Any ideas? Anyone have a refridgerator they feel is big enough that they absolutely love? Please let me know. I must decide quickly!.

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Well, I don't know if I can be of much help, but all I can tell you is that I am in a similar place as you are and I have been torn between the Electrolux icon all fridge/ all freezer combo and the 36" bottom mount freezer. So I have not actually purchased either of these yet, but I have done alot of research. The twins are each 32" and 16.5 cubic square feet. No fancy bells and whistles, but they are attractive and offer great space and organization. AJ has the best site I have found for viewing appliances if you want to take a look. (Frigidare makes Electolux, btw). You can split these units up in your layout if you are not interested in looking 64" of stainless or having it be the focal point of your kitchen, and they come with a 4' riser and trim kits for a built in look (for a price, of course). The units about $1699 each, but I learned today while at my home away from home (the appliance store) that starting April 25, Electrolux is offering a 10 percent rebate. Hope this helps!

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I looked at the Frigidaire/Kenmore all-fridge and all-freezer models a while back, they were affordable. I ended up rejecting them due to online reviews complaining that they are very noisy in operation. I also didn't have room for them in my final kitchen design.

This was some time ago, so the noise may no longer be an issue. But you will want to research this thoroughly if you think you want to go that direction. Of course, another option could be a second fridge in another room - such as a pantry, laundry, etc.

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The Twins are 16.5 cu. ft. which I think this is less than you can get in a standard French door fridge. I know the stand alone freezer will give more space  but I donÂt think you will gain extra space in the fridge.

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We love our fridge! We have the kitchen aid french door counter depth fridge and think its big enough. Its 36 width by 24 depth. They also make it for those who don't need counter depth. I think if you're planning on having a beverage fridge, this should give you plenty of room for the other items.

Here are pictures of the inside. Please excuse the disorganization!

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We have the Electrolux Icon All Frig/Freezer combo in our kitchen and I love it. Have plenty of room for all our food needs and with three boys, they both stay full.

I will say that we had a slight thermostat problem w/our freezer in the first couple of months but the service and repair was completely painless and has worked w/out a hitch since -- our salesman was terrific and I know we could go back to him if we had any issues, but have had none.

Here are a couple of shots of how we configured them in our layout....sorry they are pretty dated as we have been "finished" for a year, but all I can dig up right now.

There is, of course, a grate on the bottom of the appliances that just wasn't installed in these shots.

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fraidycatdesigner i like two separate appliances each one with a compressor and cooling circuit designed to do one things only, either cool or freeze. It also costs less, and makes each appliance smaller.

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We got the Samsung 28.5 cubic feet... 36" wide. It's HUGE!

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alice462, your kitchen is awesome and a great example of how you can split these units up. Did you buy the riser with trim kits for your twins? I'm curious, do you find it unnatural to not have the freezer next to the refrig? I think we are all conditioned to open the fridge first, then pull open the freezer if we did not find what we were 'shopping' for. Like fraidycatdesigner, I am also struggling so much w/ the decision to do these or the bottom mount freezer. Curious too about how you feel about your carrara one year later?

davidro1, you have a good point about the separate appliances having their own compressors and cooling circuits. Seems more efficient to me.

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We have the Thermador columns -- 30" freezer and 30" fridge. We also have fridge drawers (GE Monogram).

We are vegan and I'll tell you we LOVE having all-freezer and all-fridge(s). But remember, when they're counter-depth they're quite shallow, so don't hold as much. While they were insanely expensive we never ever regret them. Never.

There was a recall or something-or-other for the freezer compressor, so that was replaced by the local repair shop. (This is also where we purchased them and who installed them.) The repairman told me he thinks the Frigidaire Twins are the best bang for the stand-alone buck.

The freezer and fridge flank the passageway, freezer on the left, fridge on the right. The drawer fronts are false -- they're solid doors.

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rmkitchen - any idea what the compressor issue was? was it only for the 30" freezer? I have the 24" freezer and didn't hear anything about this.


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rmkitchen--how do you like your GE refrigerator drawers. Thanks everyone for all your comments. I think based on how much room we have, I have decided to go with the 36in french door kitchen aid. Now I must decide between beverage refrigerator or refrigerator drawers. Any ideas on this one?

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We are looking at replacing our refrigerator. We are semi-empty-nesters. Our kids live near by and at least every other weekend converge on our house and often their friends as well so we end up needing more space. I'm not willing to dedicate more than 36" of my precious kitchen wall space to refrigerator/freezer so our remodel allowed for a full depth fridge.

We are looking at the 28.5 cubic foot Samsung too. It seems to provide the biggest fridge area in a 36" width fridge/freezer. If you are willing to go with an ice maker in the freezer instead of ice and water in the door, their 26 cubic foot has almost as much refrigerator space. If they made the 28.5 model without ice and water in the door, we would probably go with that.

The Samsungs have separate cooling systems for the fridge and the freezer. We are looking forward to that since our current old style refrigerator sometimes freezes stuff at the back of the fridge compartment.

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kpowers -

I love the separate units and do not find it a problem when searching for what I need. I never would have thought of this configuration, but when we purchased this house the previous owner had this set up in original kitchen w/old and small frig and freezer. B/C of that experience, it became a requirement for this kitchen. I found it more conveneient to have all my freezer needs in one place. With this arrangement, it eliminates our need for an additional, separate freezer somewhere else in the house. The risers came with the trim kit. Also, the grate above the units has been modified - it was originally two pieces that when put together created a height of almost 10". It was for show only, to create the "built-in" look. We separated the grate, choosing to only use the 4" section, which was the same height as the bottom grate, and my contractor cut the side pieces down to size and pieced it together seamlessly. I gained additional upper cabinet space that I can use and reach.

I also love our carrara a year later, it is etched plenty and scratched in several places, but no staining. There is some very slight darkening of it around the right side of the cooktop from oil, BUT we chose not to seal it and clearly recognized the consequences of our choice. It is surely not for everyone, but if I had to do it again, I would make the same choice.

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