This window needs your opinion

oopsie913June 11, 2014

Bathroom is small but has a nice skylight. Vanity is white with black mirror and small cabinet. Paint is litchfield grey ceiling and walls. If you suggest a different shower curtain, im open. Just want an opinion on what to do with window which is frosted. :)

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Another view

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One more. Guess i cant do 3 at once. Lol
Dont enlarge. Kind of junky right there...

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I'd leave the window as is and get a crisp, white shower curtain.

Also, cannot recommend an arched shower curtain rod Highly enough.

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An arched?? You mean arched out or arched up? I did have a white before. Saw this at BBB cheap and it was exact but honestly, i liked a white best. Arched?? Hmmm. So i should just leave window as is too. Ok. Im good with that idea.

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I like the window as is. I also prefer arced shower rods, although I've yet to put them in this house (don't really want to invest in new rods until I can redo the baths and decide on finishes).

I think the curtain you have now goes well with your colors, but also think white would look nice, too.

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WIndow as is, we all agree.
I have an arched shower rod, it's awesome, go get one.
The clean white shower curtain will brighten it up big time.

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The arc'd rods arc outward. You'd be amazed how much roomier the shower is inside. Butterfly4u put it best: "It's awesome, go get one."

Do some homework on them, though. They're not all alike Some are flimsy. I'd even look on hotel supply sites as you'll get better quality rods there than at, say, Bed, Bath and Beyond.

I have this one and LOVE it. It's simple, easy to put up (comes with ALL the hardware you could need - read the directions so you use the correct screws, depending on the type of walls you have. Yes, they supply screws for every type of wall!).

It's different looking, though, than most. Google is so you can get a good look at it. Its rod is flat, versus most being round. It's much more industrial looking than most. And notice it comes in either chrome of brushed stainless.

You can also get some gorgeous hotel-y looking ones.

Here is a pic of the Arc:

Here is a link that might be useful: The Arc shower curtain rod

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And yes, white shower curtain. With your white towels and the color of your walls, and with an arc'd rod, your bathroom will look and feel very spa-like.

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I also vote for white. And can you have someone do a large monogram on the curtain in brown, or the wall color? I love that look!

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When the OP asked about the window, I wondered how it would look with the woodwork black to match the cabinet and mirror -- particularly if the shower curtain is replaced with a white one.

(My taste is 100% traditional, so I shocked myself.)

Anyone else?

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I wouldn't add anything to the window but if you are needing a window treatment for more privacy I would use a cellular shade. The rail for the shade is very narrow so when the cellular is drawn up you'll barely notice it.

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I agree with you all and im happy you all said nothing on window too. I like my neighbors seeing me. Just kidding! I secretly always liked the window with the mullions showing anyway and i just bought the rod and am pulling out the white curtain i have already. Yeah. Thanks all

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exhibitionism is so underrated!

Which shower rod did you get?

Occurs to me that your old one is installed in the tile. Be sure you know what you're doing re: removing the old one and installing the new one as far as the tile goes. That could make it a little more complicated.

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Looks like she had a tension rod before and the walls are not tile. They look like cultured marble. She should have no trouble. Just mount the new curtain rod on the wallboard.

Hmmm...a black window. That does sound interesting. And I thought the cabinet and mirror were brown. haha make that a black monogram on your shower curtain. :)

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Oh yes! Newhomebulider is right! It does look like you just have a tension rod up there, so when you install the new rod, just put the ends into the wallboard, like he/she said. Phewf!

Black window could be kind of cool. I'd do it in a high gloss. I love black windows from the outside. Don't know about inside.

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I vote for painting it black. I think dlm2000 on here has a black painted window in the bathroom and I really like how it looks.

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