Help -Silgranit vs e-granit in light color

jojo112February 14, 2013

Trying to decide on the Bisque e-granite or the biscuit silgranit.
Concerned that the light colors will stain from red sauces/red wine. Prefer the shape of the e-granite harmony sink.

Also read that bleach cannot be used. I have a busy kitchen so need something that can handle everything.

My granite is called bordeaux river.

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I'm putting Bordeaux River in my kitchen too. I'm considering Truffle for my sink by Blanco. From what I've read on other threads about Silgranit sinks, if you get any stubborn spots to use baking soda or a product called Vim cleaner.

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I have had a silgranite sink for about 6 months now. It is light colored (Biscuit) and I use Bar Keepers friend on it for clearing up any stains. That stuff works great.


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I found this photo when I googled white silgranit. Looks like it stained.

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I'm not familiar with the e-granite but the silgranit is very popular on the kitchens forum. Search for information. From what I've read the original silgranit was not as stain resistant as the silgranit II.

Most everyone has positive things to say about these sinks. I'm putting one in my kitchen remodel based on reviews here on GW.

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I agree with cathy725 about the staining issues between the original Silgranit compared to Silgranit II. The research I did prior to buying my Blanco Diamond Super Single sink in Truffle indicated no issues with staining. And if staining does occur the steps outlined by Blanco gets rid of it.

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Debbi Branka

That photo Beeanna posted does not look like silgranit at all. It looks like an old plastic laundry tub. I have a Blanco white silgranit double sink in my kitchen. It's 2.5 years old. It looks brand new. I called Blanco before we installed it because, although Blanco makes a cleaner, it clearly states on the bottle not to use on light colored sinks. Blanco told me to use soft scrub and a green scrubby pad. Most of the time I just use soft scrub and a dish rag. We make a lot of red sauce, drain boiling water,etc. Never a stain - not one. No cracks. No trouble whatsoever.

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That's awesome, deb52899. My new Silgranit sink is in the box just waiting to be installed. I can't wait to use mine - hopefully soon.

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That picture looks like a Swanstone DIT or DIT-S Laundry tub. Swanstone sinks stain for example KSBD 33x22 know for staining in white or a solid color. Blanco Silgranit sinks are wonderful. We've been selling them and using them for a few years now. No issues with staining. Blanco also makes a cleaner to take care just for their Silgranit sinks to keep them looking new and fresh.

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This is the original link of that photo. The person said it's a blanco silgranit sink after 14 years.

Here is a link that might be useful: old silgranit sink

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Beenana - that's not a blanco silgranit sink.

Remember, just because they put it on the internet doesn't mean it's true.

I have the blanco silgranit in biscuit. It was installed in 2008 and we love it. I don't use bleach in it - just Bar Keepers Friend. After many remodeling projects this is one of my favorite things!

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I am waiting to install counters and blanco diamond single bowl sink. I am not sure i did the right thing. I have the 24 x 20 undermount sink that is 10 inches deep. It will be Ina 27 inch cabinet. I am now afraid that it is too big. Will there be enought room in cabinet. Is it too deep since its a drop in. I think I will have to go with corner placement of faucet . Any thoughts please. They are coming in two days to do the template.

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I had a biscuit Silgranit sink installed in 2006. No idea if it is version I or version II. Heavy use in kitchen, red wine, preparing beets etc. In 2013 is still looks completely new. I plan to use silgranit in my next kitchen too. Great product.

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