Bathroom Remodel - Tile Selection is hardest

winesnobFebruary 21, 2012

My remodel is into week two now, slab placed and roof trusses start today. And here I sit with no tile for bathroom, I have brought home no less that 10 different choices. Have any of you seen Walter Zanger Tribecca. For some reason I keep returning to Walter Zanger tiles.

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This tile is inferior and deteriorates in contact with water.
I would pick another tile.

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Could you please tell me what you base this on. Do you have this tile in your home. I thought that Walter Zanger was a highly rated tile. This is my first and last renovation, I sure hate to get the tile wrong.

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I don't have any experience with WZ Tribecca, but have had great luck with WZ tiles in general. Also, the sales person at the Walker Zanger store was very up front with me about which tiles would/would not be good in applications where they'd come in contact with water.

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WZ tiles are GORGEOUS! I wish our reno budget could include them :)

Tile is a hard decision because it feels so final and sets the tone for the whole space. Have you considered using a basic field tile (white) and restricting the colorful accent tiles to one strip - like just below the chair rail for instance? If you do it that way then you know that in 10 years you could carefully remove the chair rail & accent tiles, use new ones, and have a whole different look.

I tend to be very conservative on permanent things (like tile) which is why I'm going with a simple black & white scheme. But the WZ tiles are definitely swoon-worthy :)

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Jean Bo

Good idea to bring home those tile samples and put them on your own floor and stare at them for a few days as light levels change through the day and into the night. Plus getting them away from all the other choices that cast their own colors.... It took me a very long time (you don't want to know) 3 counties and many many trips out.

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