Photos: Black White Challenge!!!!

solstice98August 20, 2009


Here are the 16 quilt projects submitted for the Black, White and ? Challenge of 2009!

The next message in this post has an on-line poll so you can vote for your favorite entry. You only get one vote, so don't be too hasty. The poll will close at midnight on 8/27/09 and I'll post the tally the following day.

In addition to the photos here, I'll do a separate post with a link to the slideshow for those of you who have trouble viewing all of the photos. I know this page will be slow to load so please be patient! The slide show link should be much faster (but I'm having a little trouble getting it to work). I've included any comments that were sent with the photos.

A big thanks to Vicky for proposing this challenge and for keeping it going over the summer!

Here we go!



"Variation of Ricky Tims Convergence quilting and it my first attempt at free motion machine quilting."

Finished Size: 41” x 45”


"22" square. It was made with the family and friends in mind who had to live what these ribbons represent.

Green/Jade: Kidney & Liver Cancer, Teal: Ovarian Cancer, Pink: Breast Cancer, Red: Heart Disease. Not in ribbon shape ~ Black: Melanoma, White: Bone Cancer.

I concentrated on quilting the ribbons just as our minds are totally on our loved ones. The black borders were quilted because some things are necessary to hold our lives together, just as in this quilt."


"(16.75" x 16.75") Inspired by a picture of my cat playfully flip-flopping. Cat: Raw-edge applique, buttonhole (hand) stitching and embroidery

Yellow cushion: Needle-turn applique, echo quilting

Fish heads: Prairie points"


"Paper Pieced China Mariners Compass.

I used this challenge to get more practice with machine quilting and paper piecing."




"The hanging is a tribute to Michael Jackson - it doesn't matter if you're black or white. It doesn't matter if you are a zebra or a lion - they are converging towards living together in harmony.

It is my design (similar to Ricky Tims' convergence quilts), size 32"x32", totally machine pieced and quilted (SITD) with the binding completed by hand."


"Size: 22” x 22” inches.

I have long wanted to do a musical theme quilted wall hanging to hang next to the piano. The wall hanging is a fairly simple design, which suits our piano room and I think that the black and white theme colours really look nice against the piano backdrop and walls/furniture!

As for quilt details: It is machine pieced, and birthed, with a narrow black hanging sleeve added at the top. It is hand quilted with a variety of musical theme designs (treble clef, bass clef, sharp sign, flat sign, whole notes, half notes, eighth notes, natural sign) in red thread to match the red of the musical fabric, as well as the red backing. The label on the back lists my name and the challenge theme, and is in the shape of a musical note. "



"It is a wall hanging that measures 19"x19". I chose to make it to match my red bathroom that is ladybug themed."


"This wall hanging (19"x42") is my first French Braid and my first attempt at a feathery free motion stitching pattern. I used a variegated orange/gold thread for the quilting and added some crystal beads for sparkle: black, white and sunshine!"


"Attic Windows pattern. Measures 55" X 75". Fabrics used are red cotton speckled with gold metallic/white cotton/black cotton. Reverse is solid black cotton. This was done in a quilt as you go, all on machine. Warm and natural batting. The pattern was done in a 9.5 inch block, blocks cut of batting the same size, and then set against a 12.5 inch block and quilted. The backing was brought forward on each block, sewn to the next, and folded over and topstitched down to form the black 'frames' between each window pane.

The objective was to design an "Op Art" Mondrian inspired quilt, with a traditional pattern, and using only fabric to achieve the effect."


"This is a versatile tote that adjusts to different sizes."


"This quilt is my original design. I was inspired by the Northwest Indian Quilts that I viewed in Alaska last summer. I really enjoy the stylized animals and that they frequently use buttons on their quilts."


"This project uses plain piecing, paper piecing, machine appliqué and FM quilting. I chose this for my daughter who is a cat lover. The “challenge” is the free motion quilting!"


"16X20 paper pieced wall hanging. The block is from a Carol Doak book. This wall hanging is my first free motion quilting project."

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And here's the poll. It will be open until midnight on 8/27/09.

You only get to vote once!
When you are ready to cast your vote, click on the circle by the name of the quilt, then submit your vote by clicking on the "VOTE" button at the bottom. It's not final until you click on "VOTE". 2009 Black White Quilt Challenge Circle Meets the Square Black White and Loved All Over The Mystery of Cats China Mariners Compass Bright Blocks for Brooke Lilies of the Field African Gold Black White and Music All Over Moonlight Trellis Bug in a Bathroom The Sunshine in My Eyes Red Sky at Night Adjustable Tote Northwest Fish Quilt Kibitzing Kitty Midnight Garden Trellis free polls

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No comments yet? I was expecting to log on this morning and find dozens of comments about the quilts, but there aren't any. I wouldn't suggest that you reveal who you are voting for, but I think other comments and general statements are fine. If the photos aren't working for you, please let me know right away!

Personally, I don't know how we'll all decide. They are all so wonderful. Best overall quilt? Best use of the theme? Biggest "WOW!" factor? Most unusual? Most skillfully rendered? The "I Just Like It" method? (That's probably the one I'll use. LOL).


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I commented on the post Vicky started.

I'm glad you mentioned about how we're going to decide. I'm at a loss too----so many great projects and each has one or more things that I like.

Yeah--I think that in the end it will be a "I Just Like It" or "It Speaks To Me" vote.

Thanks to Vicky and Kate for all your hard work. Hope we can have more challenges in the future--I'd like to join in on next one. And kudos to everyone who rose to the challenge. You're all winners!!


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I checked in late last night to see if you'd posted the entries. I have really been eagerly waiting to see how the goal would be envisioned by each participant.

Wow, I wasn't disappointed, they are all so unique. It's going to be really tough to make a choice. I've got it narrowed down to about three now and keep changing my mind. Really lovely stuff.

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It was so exciting to finally see everyone's entry.
It was hard, but I finally decided on the "I just like it" basis, also having its originality and artistic composition in mind. There were others that I liked, too, and thought lovely or interesting, or that obviously required a lot of skill and/time. In a way, I wished I could have voted for more, awarding points for different aspects of them.

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I took a quick look. I will come back laer when I have more time. They are all great. It is going to be a
hard choice. Thank you Kate and Vicky.

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Kate, thank you so much for doing this! I haven't seen a link posted for the slideshow-are you still working on it? I think it would be easier to decide that way.

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They are all so wonderful to look at. Thanks for all your efforts. This sort of thing worked so well let's do it again.

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These all look so wonderful ~ Thank you Vicky & Kate ~ It is so much fun looking at everyone's work. I find I am trying to match each entry to a person - hee-hee - another challenge. Hard to pick just one.

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I am missing the banter from the last challenge. It's really cool the way this one is being presented, so that we don't know who made them. Solstice, you did a wonderful job on the presentation.

But, with the secret voting, we are also keeping under our hats what we love about each of the entries. Please let's discuss them when the votes come in. I have a gazillion questions.

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I haven't figured out why we can't talk about them by their names? We still don't know who made them.

I love the machine quilting on CIRCLE MEETS THE SQUARE. I'm working on that myself. The ADJUSTABLE TOTE is something very useful and the green with the black and white has a neat affect. Bug in the bathroom is neat with all those little squares and whimsical antenna. Everyone (well almost) loves cats so those two are nice too. Yes, we could say something nice about everyone of them :-)
I have to say this is an enjoyable summertime fun challenge and I'm already putting together ideas for next year :-)


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Hey I never meant to imply that we couldn't or shouldn't talk about the quilts! I just suggested we not reveal which one we are voting for, but I'm not the quilt police! If you want to campaign for a particular quilt or share why you love one more than the others, go ahead!

Several votes have been cast already - 28 as of right now. So many that I tested it to be sure you couldn't vote more than once. You can't so I guess lots of people who don't talk on the forum visit it and read the posts often. I'm glad you are all participating in the voting!

Vicky, if you think we should show the vote tally, let me know and I'll post it and update it daily.


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Kate, I am not able to open pic of the last 9 quilts. All I get is a discription and a red x in a box. HELP: Jayne

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Oh no! I don't have any problem viewing them all on my home computer, on my iPod, or at work. Anyone else having problems?

Try this link to the slide show...

Here is a link that might be useful: slide show

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I figured it out. I had to rt. click on the red x and click on show pic and then they came up.
Great job on your part and the quilts are so much fun. Everyone did a wonderful job. Kate and Vicky earn a special award for a job well done!!

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Hi. I'm one of those people who surfs this forum but never adds comments. But I have to say that these quilts are beautiful. I would like to hang African Gold, Circle Meets a Square and Midnight Garden in my house. Don't know which I'll vote for yet. I like the beads and face on Sunshine in my Eyes too. I agree with the comment that you could say something nice about each one of them.

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45 votes cast already!!!

45??? I didn't know we had 45 regular visitors!

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I'm just stunned. You guys are REALLY talented. No, I mean REALLY! I've just been agonizing over which one I liked best--the ladybug buttons? Or the sunshine face? Heaven knows I love cats....and the hand quilted note and note label???? But then, the pink roses in moonlight hits my instant wow button...The whole concept of black print to black and broderie perse, in fact.

But then. Then I noticed the two extra fish eyes for fish lying 'behind' the cat. I've always loved yellow...

ARRRGGHHH! It's enough challenge for me just to pick a favorite!

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Yes, Kate show the tally so far.


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I love some of the little details in these entries:
I love the little fish arrow in "The Mystery of Cats".
The details of hand quilting in the music.
The details on the ladybug!
I love the lion/zebra concept in African Gold!
The buttons and heritage feel of the Northwest Fish quilt.
I love the design for Sunshine in my Eyes.
So many unique designs and creative ideas for such a broad theme topic, I always love to look at what everyone comes up with for these challenges. Such wonderful quilts, they are very inspiring!

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As of 1:45 today, here's the tally:

Quilt name & votes
Circle Meets the Square 3
Black White and Loved All Over 2
The Mystery of Cats 5
China Mariners Compass 2
Bright Blocks for Brooke 9
Lilies of the Field 4
African Gold 3
Black White and Music All Over 0
Moonlight Trellis 4
Bug in a Bathroom 3
The Sunshine in My Eyes 8
Red Sky at Night 0
Adjustable Tote 5
Northwest Fish Quilt 1
Kibitzing Kitty 0
Midnight Garden Trellis 0

49 votes total

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I have had so much fun doing this challenge and now watching the voting and reading the comments. I am already looking forward to next summer's challenge!!! Shannon

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All wonderful but I voted for THE MYSTERY OF CATS beautiful work!LOVE IT!

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They are all wonderful! It was very difficult choosing just one. Good luck to all!
Linda OH

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It was very difficult to choose, and I wanted at least 3 votes! I did make my choice - but to all participants - wonderful quilts!! All were worthy.

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Each and Everyone of you deserve a blue ribbon! Wonderful Job done by all! It will be very hard to vote for just one.

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Well, I made up my mind and voted. I hope it went through because we had a power drop and surge and my computer shut off. Wow, all the entries were so unique. They all showed so much artistic talent and, oh my, I could go on and on.
On the 'Red Sky at Night' you gave good instructions for your quilt as you go. How did you like putting a quilt together that way? I have done one quilt as you go but I put it together with backs facing then used strips on the front to cover the seams. I should post a picture.

Kuddos to all who entered. They are all winners!!!

Nancy (Stitches)

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I still haven't voted!! I am having so much trouble narrowing it down, they are all so nice!! I'll keep stopping back to look!!

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I still haven't voted--can't seem to make up my mind. I have it narrowed down to 3 choices--I plan to vote tomorrow.


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Here's your Monday voting update. Sorry I couldn't post it sooner, I've been trapped in a seminar all morning and couldn't access the poll results on my ipod.

Circle Meets the Square.....4
Black White and Loved All Over.....3
The Mystery of Cats.....5
China Mariners Compass.....5
Bright Blocks for Brooke.....12
Lilies of the Field.....7
African Gold.....6
Black White and Music All Over.....1
Moonlight Trellis.....6
Bug in a Bathroom.....5
The Sunshine in My Eyes.....12
Red Sky at Night.....1
Adjustable Tote.....6
Northwest Fish Quilt.....3
Kibitzing Kitty.....0
Midnight Garden Trellis.....1

77 votes total

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Amazing how each person came up with the idea for the challenge -- each so different and each really great. Hard to make a choice. Good job everyone!

    Bookmark   August 25, 2009 at 6:42AM
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I just voted. I was getting cross-eyed--I've looked at these pics so many times. I liked so many of them.I wanted to vote for one where someone had tried a new technique.I wanted to vote for one with beautiful quilting (I'm weak in that area and I envy anyone that can do it ),I wanted to vote for one that appealed to me visually. I even wound up giving each one points for different aspects--detail, originality, visual appeal,etc. Then last night I thought, well, if I was given a choice of keeping one for myself--which would I choose? Made up my mind, went to vote and changed my mind again. LOL. I wish I could have had at least three votes!!

Anyway, I've voted. I just wanted to say that this has been really enjoyable and if there's another challenge I'll join in. Everyone did such a great job. Clap yourselves on the back.


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Wow! It was really difficult to pick just one. I loved reading about each one and I am in awe of all the beautiful ideas this challenge inspired.

It will be fun to see the final scores.


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I would love to do the Mystery Cat one - I love the little fishy bones in the corner - How clever!

Love all the bright color's - WOW! Now I will probably have to make a black and white.... so many projects, so little time LOL

Not sure if it is legal for me to vote as I am not in this one - but I am going to try to anyway :)

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I love em all.

    Bookmark   August 25, 2009 at 1:38PM
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One of the things we considered was letting everyone vote for 2 or 3, but the poll didn't allow that unless we let the voting go into a second week. You can set it for one vote per week per person. Maybe next time we'll look at doing that.

    Bookmark   August 25, 2009 at 1:57PM
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