Kitchen Remodel with White Appliances-HELP

chinkleFebruary 4, 2010

Help, I am helping my sister work up a kitchen remodel, and she insiste on using white appliances. She has picked a medium brown for her cabinets. I am not of the White Appliance mind and really do not now where to go with this kitchen. Anybody got any ideas

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White appliances compliment brown cabinets better than most alternatives. Stainless steel would make the area look industrial, black would be just flat ugly and red/blue/etc would look comical.

Countertops, back splash, and wall colors can compliment the white/brown plainness.

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Maybe don't help your sister work up a remodel on her kitchen. Sounds like you already don't like her choices and for our home appliances are KEY in there for g'ness sake! I happen to like white appliances, they are timeless and easy to keep clean.

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ok, thanks handymac and sasafras. She can have any color appliances she likes, I am just not sure what color cabinets she should be looking at, she first mentiond Cherry, then she kinda liked a glazed wood called Whiskey Black. Sasafras, what color cabinets do you have with your white appliances?

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This very topic is being discussed on the Home Decor Forum.

Below is a link to many photos for both of you to look at.
And here is the link to the other thread:

If done correctly it looks beautiful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchens

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Thank you annz, I saw these pictures on the Finished Kitchen site. Some were helpful, She has been instructed by her husband, "No Painted Cabinets" so White Cabinets are out. So I am looking for the correct color natural wood finish that will complement the white appliances. Thanks again.

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Try hickory or mahogany cabinets.

Hickory is a lighter than brown and has lots of character.

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If possible find an excuse to hand this off to a cabinet supplier; no good deed goes unpunished.

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There isn't a 'correct' color to go with white cabinets. White is a neutral color, and goes with anything. Look for some other aesthetic touchstone to give you direction.

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We have maple cabinets left in natural coloring, along with light oak hardwood flooring. The space is fairly small so the white appliances brighten it actually. The sink is white porcelain which pulls everything together. If your sister has a large space to work with I think cherry would be lovely!

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Having the same problem. Our kitchen cabinets are a creamy white color. Just bought new appliances and opted for white - since I feel I would have been getting in on the tail end of the Stainless trend... But the white of the appliances is just so white - almost with that purple-ish undercast to it. So I'm going to have to paint my cabinets. Don't know whether I should opt for a color, or to do a faux wood thing. Has to be super economical...

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I just painted my (1970s) oak kitchen cabinets a creamy white, and with the white appliances and my new black-with-white-flecks quartz countertop, it looks amazing! me, anyway :-) I have a taupe colour on the wall, and cork on the floor, so the white isn't dominating.

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Denise- There are some great liinks on the kitchen forum. Look up white and cream and there should be some wonderful examples! Many are tied together with the backsplash :)

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In our old house we did a kitchen remodel with natural maple cabinets, neutral brown countertops, tile flooring and white appliances and green wall paint and I loved it. In our new house I got my dream white kitchen with stainless appliances.... I miss my old kitchen, I am bored of white already and want the wood look back and I do not like keeping up with the stainless appliances. I second white appliances.

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The best thing you can do for your sister is send HER to the kitchen forum here on GW. She can look and learn and ask her own questions. I have hickory cabs and white appliances. White sink. White walls. Works.

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My new cabinets are Knotty Alder with natural sealer. I have all white appliance but cannot pick a wall color. My kitchen/dining is all in with the living area. I am a 'light' person but feel like with the light cabinets and appliances light color would not look good.

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