Faucet Mounting Hole Diameter - Is There a Standard Size?

alwaysfixinApril 29, 2010

I have seen before on this forum the advice that if you are granite templating, or installing the granite, but you don't yet have your faucet (it's on backorder, or you just haven't chosen it yet), you can just use your old faucet or any cheapo faucet in the meantime until you get the faucet you want. So, does that advice mean that all faucets' mounting holes are the same standard diameter? Or maybe most of them are the same diameter? If so, what is that standard measurement?

What about pre-rinse style faucets--are they still a standard size mounting hole? Or European-made faucets like Grohe or KWC--would they have the same mounting hole diameter as an American-made kitchen faucet? I would think this dimension would be important for countertop templating. Like, what if you have an old Kohler, and you haven't chosen your new faucet yet, but you know it's going to be a sleek European something--can you just use the same mounting hole size? I would appreciate anyone's info on this!

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Fori is not pleased

Yep. All the same. Air switch hole. Air gap hole. Faucet hole. Sprayer hole. Soap dispenser hole. Instant hot dispenser. All standard.

But how MANY holes and where they go--of that you want to be sure before drilling.

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They are almost all a standard size.

The PDF you can see on the manufacturer's site will tell you what size (or range of ) will be good for the device you haven't got yet.

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All standard except for my Kohler Karbon. The faucet part itself was standard, but not the handle that controls the on/off and cold/hot. That was 2 in. I gave the specs to the fabricators, but they didn't look. They cut the whole 11 3/8. So we had to drill the hole larger by calling in our tile guy with the diamond saw and clamping the Caesarstone done really well to drill the hole. So look carefully at the specs.

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