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dirtdigging101August 22, 2008

our hone has been on the marked for 6 moonths and 3 weeks ago we dropped the price. yesterday we had a couple who are qualified to buy the home come walk thru the home. They liked it and looked it over careful for well over an hour. we are selling fsbo .

and wee really want to sell the house and move on , should we present the potiental buyer with a package to include closing cost and other things to get the ball a rolling or what?

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I would let them initiate the negotiations. If they really are interested, they will say so. You should have an offer/contract already on hand that would be valid in your state. Then it is just a matter of agreeing with the buyers on the terms and filling in the blanks with the names and the appropriate amounts.

Whatever you do, don't be pushy. A lot of people are nervous about buying real estate without an agent being involved. Suggest to them that they run the offer/contract by their attorney before signing. Also, have a local reputable and experienced title company lined up to do the closing.

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I would wait a few more days to give them time to talk it over on the weekend. You wouldn't want to offer a concession they didn't ask for (and maybe wouldn't have) and wind up shooting yourself in the foot.

Rent a couple of good videos and try to keep the whole thing off your mind through the weekend. Then you could call and see if you can rustle up some more action. But there are many reasons why you might not hear from them: they could be lookie-loos, you could be completey out of their price range (what steps did you take to qualify them?) and many other factors, too.

FSBO sounds great (and I prefer and have done them myself) but you need to earn your saved commission by being a good strategist for your own interests.



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For whenever someone does show real interest I do think that having a comprensive package including the paperwork, numbers, full house disclosure, etc. right up to and including a checklist of everthing that needs to be done (title etc.) to present to any prospective buyer would make them feel more comfortable as they will probably have a lot of questions.

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