Cape Cod Lighthouses

Nita__AZMay 17, 2013

There were so many lighthouses around Cape Cod that we couldn't get to them all. We even went to Martha's Vineyard and saw a couple there also.

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If you go up to Maine don't miss the Portland Headlight. It's the prettiest one I've ever seen. I love lighthouses.

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Great pictures Nita! Thanks for taking us along on your beautiful trip.

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Glad to see the Lighthouses on Old Cape Cod.... and nice the weather is getting warmer for you as well Nita.Enjoy your stay .Try the Kreme and Kone on 28 in w.Dennis for some great food as a suggestion, and Captain Parkers on 28 S. Yarmouth.

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Thanks for posting. I'm a lighthouse fan.

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I love lighthouses, your pictures are so pretty. I have never actually seen one in person.

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Did you take the tour on Martha's Island? Go to the stores, especially the book store (if it was still there)? We did many years ago and it was well worth it.

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sooey were on Cape Cod? I know I'm out of the KT loop but...crap on a cracker...if I had known you were here, we could have met for lunch!

From your pictures I can see that you were in Truro, Three sisters in Eastham, Fort Hill in Eastham...where I have lunch at least twice a month, Chatham and the ferry going to MV? I hope you were able to stop at some of the historic cemeteries along the way, lots of pilgrims graves and markers.

Oooo..did you make it to First Encounter Beach in Eastham?...that's where the Pilgrims met the Indians for the first time. Did you see all the Windmills along the way? Saltbox houses, cranberry bogs, seals? I could have given you a guided tour!

I hope you had a good time and as I remember, the weather was good on the 11th and even all this week. You made it on and off the Cape before the major pollen bloom which believe me, is a very, very good thing to have missed!

I hope you come back...lots of good food to eat and lots of fun things to do! So sorry I missed you!


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