Another Adding a second story onto a ranch house (w/pics)

sunrisenFebruary 19, 2010

I need help with some visualization. I can go into the interior of a home that needs work & visualize, but I just cannot wrap my head around the exterior.

DH & I might be interested in putting an offer on this house (see pics below) but I am not sure if I can visualize putting a second story addition onto this home - will it look weird? I am fairly certain there is attic area in the middle part of the house. It doesn't have vaulted ceilings. There is no basement (it's in FL) & it's a concrete slab foundation. The home is 3,400 square feet & we'd probably want to add another 1,000 square feet.

Another issue - the home is wildly overpriced, especially for all the work it needs (new kitchen, all new flooring, new baths). The asking price is laughable. I'm sure any offer we would make would be offensive, but it needs a_lot_of_work.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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This house kind of reminds me of our house (pictures below). We added a second story to a house this year. It was a ton of work and not cheap... but we did get all the work done in 5 months (including new kitchen, bathrooms, second story, etc.). If you want any information, let me know.



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Thank you, robinst.

I was more thinking something like this but I just cannot picture in my mind what it would actually look like or if something like this is even feasible:
w/o dormers

w/dormers (the white things that look like a Madonna bra)

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A pyramid shaped roof with dormers would only work if the plan was almost square and is unlikely to provide much usable second floor space.

An architect could show you the best possibilities pretty quickly.

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If you get a GC to help you with your design you have to be careful. Nowdays most GC's have a guy that works for them that calls himself an architect but most of them are just guys that know how to draw plans and are not architects at all. A lot of times they are not even licensed drafstmen. That's why you see all these goofy looking additions. It's against the law to call yourself an architect if you don't have a college degree and a license, but they do it anyway. Some guys are good, but alot, pretty bad. You can get magazines and order books on the web that give you plans. Figure out the style you want. A box on top of a roof is not a good design but that's what a lot of these guys do because they don't know any better.

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