Location of noise?

JJAV1234February 3, 2014

I am trying to figure out if outside road noise is coming in through the windows, walls, attic, heating/air ducts, etc - how would I go about figuring that out? I don't want to replace the windows or build a double wall and not have the problem solved.

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Generally would be basically coming through all of them. I do not think you will be able to figure it out 100% yourself without eliminating them one at a time

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I would start with windows. No expert knowledge just what I've heard. If your windows are older or not efficient I would start there. Also, insulation. Is your house insulated? The windows and insulation should provide for energy efficiently and sound blocking.

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That would be an expensive task!
Do you know of any device that can be used to help figure this out? I can't seem to find an acoustical consultant in my area to help.

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My windows are 11yrs old. Not sure of the lifespan?
Yes, the house is insulated - just your standard R13. Is there a better insulation that should have been used?

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Ruling out the HVAC would be fairly simple, I'd think--take some doubled bubble wrap, cover all vents/openings (with the system off, so you don't tax your HVAC system) then see if that reduces your noise level.

As for walls or windows... Try some heavy drapes as test?

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Most of the noise will be communing from the wheels of vehicles unless you are near an intersection. The first barrier would be a fence. It should block the line of sight from the tires to top of the highest windows.

Windows will always be the largest source of noise entry. Triple glazing is the answer there. Additional insulation will not be effective. The cost of adding mass to the walls would probably be prohibitive.

I don't know what the HVAC system would have to do with this problem.

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With the windows its not just the age but the quality. I also agree that drapes may help.

I live on a somewhat busy road so I understand the noise concern. I've done some limited research and even posted about it on GW. Soft textured items absorb sound. So outside between the road and your house create a barrier. A solid fence and then soft stuff like bushes, trees, etc. Perhaps a good landscaper could give you a plan for noise. Then good windows and doors. Once inside, heavy textured drapes. Rugs on the floors, soft items on walls if you can do it. Like wind, sound will hit a smooth barrier and redirect, if it hits something soft it will absorb.

You've been in a completely empty room before, right? Remember how it sounds so loud? Put a rug down it gets quieter, add some fabric furniture, quieter still, etc.

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(I can understand HVAC as a potential noise source. In our house we have a freeway 7 houses down. They are in the process of building a freeway noise wall, thankfully. But in that process, they have taken out all the trees and shrubs that were where they intend to build that noise wall...increasing the sound.

We have 1 ceiling vent that I think "collects" the sound and feeds it right into the bedroom. It is a ceiling vent that is about 2 feet from open soffits on the side of the house facing the freeway. Could have been much better placement by the designers...)

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