Tongue & groove on ceiling-cost?

desertfl0werFebruary 9, 2012

I'm getting mixed messages on the cost of tongue and groove on the cathedral ceiling of a 32x22 room. The materials do not have to be high end. But I am looking for something that lasts and looks good. ANy ideas on cost for a room this size? (705 sq)


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Don't get messages - get quotes. At least 3 preferably. Construction costs vary greatly by region, city etc.

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"cathedral ceiling of a 32x22 room"

This does not allow an estimate of the area to be covered.

Just as with a roof, the slope must be specified to get the correct area.
You need to specify how the ceiling is laid out (equal rectangles?) and what dimension has slope, and how many feet (or inches) the slope is along that dimension.

Just as an example, if the slope is 1 foot rose in a 1 foot run, the area is around 45% larger than a the floor area underneath.

What is on the ceiling now?
One option would be to cover the ceiling with plywood, than fasten the T&G to that.
It would take much more time to try and fasten T&G only to rafters.

You could also consider beadboard 'sheets' to reduce cost if that is a look you can live with.

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Meeeeelions of dollarezs.

Seriously, there are only about 15 different variables to the job that you haven't listed that will factor into the price, location and actual material chosen being #1 and #2 on the list. Get multiple local bids and don't pick the highest or lowest.

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Make a visit to your local lumber yard/Home center store, if you still have one other than Lowes & HD. Pre-select a product and ask the people at the contractor sales counter for some names of installers.
What wood species? Fir? Radiata pine? Pre-finished? As live wire said, sooo many variables.....

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Don't forget to check Craigslist, too. We found a great local source for our knotty pine t&g boards... much nicer quality than at the big box joints, IMO, and he was able to turn us on to a guy that could supply us with the doug fir beams for our ceiling. The price was definitely right.

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