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frecklessAugust 30, 2011


I was hoping you could recommend some good machines or at least brands. My mother recently retired as a professional tailor and sold all of her industrial machines and is now looking for a "home" machine. She does a lot of machine piecing and some alterations and other stuff. Quality of the machine is the highest priority and a few bells a whistles would be fun too. I'm not worried about price. Thank you!!

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I have a Janome and love it. For ease of use, you can't beat a good old Featherweight.


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Have her test drive these makes: Janome, Pfaff, Bernina, Husqvarna Viking, Baby Lock. These are the good ones that come to mind early this morning. I'm sure there are others.

She needs to think about all the functions she wants from a new machine: special stitches, up/down pressure foot, reverse, 1/4" foot availability, monogram stitches, decorative stitches, and embroidery?


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It's such a personal choice depending on what the sewer wants to create with it.

Her best choice is to 'test-drive' some machines and see what it can do. Many feel that a relationship with a dealer is a must when buying. They often give free introductory classes that will teach you what the machine can do. Also, if there are problems or the need to upgrade they are there.

As Teresa stated, the best way I think is to have that list of 'must haves' and even a list of 'nice to haves' and go from there.

One thought is to stay away from machines that serve more than one purpose (embroidery, piecing, quilting) because if one part breaks, you loose all functions while it's at the repair shop.

good lucK! (Not having a budget helps a lot)

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I think more than the machine, it matters where you buy it (like Jennifer said). Most good shops have good quality machines and they will stand behind them for service.

Happy Shopping! It's like test driving a new car, try them all out :-)


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Teresa gave you good advice and I add the need for a reliable dealer who provices good service. Your Mom probable wouldn't need much instruction but that is nice to have as well.
I believe we all have our favorites and I am sure she would also, so besure she has imput on you purchase. It is wise to check out different models as even within a brand things aren't always the same.

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I love my Janome! I searched the Net and forums for reviews and prices. I have read that some of the brand new better known brands may come out with a new model that doesn't have all of the bugs worked out.

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I know people don't have a responsibility to reply once they post a question, but I really wish they would. I'm always curious to know if our answers helped.

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