Options to use on place of existing sliding closet doors

williamsemJune 21, 2014

I have a decent size closet into great room, currently with sliding doors. We don't have a lot of storage, and I want to put a shelving system inside to use the space better. But I HATE how limiting the sliding doors are! Anoying when we just have coats and shoes in there, but it will be worse when I add shelving for more stuff.

The problem is that it's a standard 47 inch opening. So just a little too small to replace with folding doors without having to shave a bit off all the door panels and re-chisel the hinge areas. Not impossible, but a lot of work!

Does anyone know where I can get regular or folding doors meant to fit a standard sliding door opening? Seems like someone should have cornered that market by now!

Or other options? Anyone try curtains?

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Someone here, on another thread, mentioned bi-fold door hardware that allows the doors to be opened fully clear of the closet. See link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Bi-fold door hardware

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Those are pretty awesome! Still need to find doors that would fit in the 47 in opening though. Will have to measure to see if I can use those hinges after I find doors, now I really want to find a place for them!

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We have bi fold doors on our closet in the foyer. There is no trim and the opening is 48" which is standard. There is nothing on the side walls. We have a metal strip at the top that holds the doors and "stops" on the floor at each end that holdsthe doors at the bottom. We got everything at Lowes as a kit. You could cut off one end of the metal strip with a hacksaw to fit the opening but you would probably need to order custom doors....don't think they would be expensive at Lowes/HD.....cutting down standard doors would be tricky to get them precise.

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Would a barn style door work?

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I was thinking of a barn door also. Wish I had a place for one in my house.

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I wish! Those are gorgeous! I've got about 18 in on either side, then a wall to the left and the front door to the right.

So that rules out lateral hinges too.

I can't be the only one frustrated with bypass doors. There's apparently an untapped market for a door company to serve!

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You can do a by-pass barn..

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.inspiredbycharm.com/2014/03/my-new-barn-doors.html

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I opted to just take off the doors altogether, it's my kids shared bedroom sliding door closet; they love it. So much easier and everything's accessible. It looks busier than a closed closet, but it's not bad. A pp had commented that kids won't close curtains, since they don't close the doors, and that convinced me. Otherwise i had been considering curtains.

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If you do try curtains, use curtain rings. If you use the rod pocket to hang the curtains, it is somewhat difficult to slide the curtains back and forth. The few times I've seen this, the curtains mostly stay open all the time.

But if you use rings, the curtains will slide back and forth easily. You can whisk the curtains apart, and then close them with a sweep of your hand.

If you'd rather have doors, why not get a handyman to give you an estimate of how expensive it would be to alter pre-fab doors to fit your closet? It sounds like the only thing keeping you from doors is the extra work involved. If you really want doors and don't want to do the work, it might be worth paying someone to do it for you.

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Annie Deighnaugh

There's a lot of info about this on the web...seems to be a common problem...

The best solution seems to be to get the doors to fit a 48" opening and then cut or have them cut 1/2" of each outer edge so it will fit.

Here is a link that might be useful: 47

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I spent yesterday planning a closet system for inside this closet. I may have to just live with the doors until the reno fatigue abates, then get out my saw. Or maybe try some curtains in the meantime.

I was really hoping someone knew of a company that makes doors sized for this situation, or had a killer alternative. If either of those things exist, the hive mind of GW is -the- place to turn to when all my google-fu fails :-)

I wonder if that should be the official slogan "GW...if it can be done, someone here has done it", lol!

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How much do you want to spend?

Roll up door:

Panel Fold

Here is a link that might be useful: roll up doors

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You would have to shave a 1/4 inch off each of the four door panels, but that's it. Bifold doors hang from the top, and where they are hinged together, the hinge is on the back and not notched.

You might want to ask this question in the Home Repair forum.

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