Carpet & Duct Cleaning

dreambuilderAugust 4, 2014

We are buying a house that had a cat & dog in it--husband very allergic to cats. Questions:

1. Carpet cleaning--should i do hot water extraction only or does it need to have cleaning agents (we also have small children)? I will make sure it is a truck mounted operation. Any other questions I should ask? Some have mentioned they won't be able to get the dander out of the pad?

2. Duct cleaning--i'm going to ask if they clean both the supply and return air trunks, as well as the return pans, other mechanical elements such as the coil? Ask if they use a brush or a whip and if there is risk of damage to the duct board?

Any other questions I should ask before picking a vendor to do these things?

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I would want a cleaning agent in the carpet cleaning solution. If you have ceramic tile or stone floors, you can get deep cleaning done on them by some carpet companies too.

Change the AC/furnace filters monthly.

Air out the house well too. Turn on the furnace fan and open the windows and doors to get the air circulating outside.

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Just replace the carpet and pad.

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Yes, replace the carpet and pad. You'll never get all the cat out of it.

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The dirt particles in the ducts have a sticky residue (cooking oils, etc) that stay stuck to the inside surface of the duct.

Leave them alone - they are not going anywhere. Cleaning the ducts will dislodge these particles and make more of a mess.

Just change the furnance filters and get the A/C coil (in the furnance plenum) cleaned. These coils collect the dander.

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