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confused_newbieFebruary 28, 2014

Hi all,

We are in the middle of a remodel and we have to figure out what to do with the front porch. The house is mostly contemporary inside, with new plank siding and a new cedar front porch and a cedar/concrete post. The flagstone up front is installed 5 years ago and we are keeping them.

Our architect's plan calls for a 8'x10' concrete porch, and now we need to sort out the aesthetics. Do we pour concrete and leave it as it? Or do we match it with flagstone? What about the post; do we decorate the concrete footing with flagstone or siding or leave it? Any ideas?


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You stop those siders immediately. You don't place (never pour) concrete against siding. Figure out that detail and resume.

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What Trebruchet said. Pour the porch slab correctly first, which means take siding off, flash wall, pour slab, install flagstone and then siding. Maybe a colored stucco for the concrete post, but make sure you slope the top.

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Thanks - that's exactly why you see the sidings are finished on the sides but not so up front. :) They realized that they need to pour concrete so they stopped doing the sidings.

don92, what does it mean to "slope the top"? You mean sloping the top of the concrete post?

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Yea thats all I meant. It would shed water and look better IMO. I also think stucco there would add another element, a rough texture to compliment the rough texture of the cedar.

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Thanks! The 8'x10' will be a 4" platform, and my contractor suggested concrete. I am worried that it will look weird on the flagstone...

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You can get custom colored cement with different colors and patterns. A brick, smaller stone or outdoor tile would look good as a porch and go well with the flagstones.

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