Quilting is a serious addiction!

quiltnhenAugust 13, 2012

I spent two days trying to decide exactly how I wanted the BACK of the most recent project to look. Had so much fun playing with it that I just went out and bought plain fabric to back the other project and I'm going to use the other "back" as a new front. Gee...wonder why I have to many UFO's and why my stash never seems to shrink, even with the best intentions!

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Hey just because I have several sewing machines, a wall of floor to ceiling shelves full of quilting fabric, a large room to hold it in, and... doesn't mean that I am addicted...I can quit at any time...and I will after I go to the fabric store LOL

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Speaking of storage...I'm using 1/2 of a slope ceilinged room (hey I guess that's a word) for my new sewing space. DH gets the other 1/2 for genealogy. For now all the fabric and thread are downstairs hogging the guest closet. I'd like something wheeled that fits under the slope where it's only 35" high. Does anyone have any super ideas? I say wheeled, because I have the temporary tables pulled way out so I don't bump my head on the slanted wall/ceiling, when I'm standing up to cut.

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If you are looking for cheap/inexpensive, I like those Sterilite rolling carts. They have all sizes and drawer configurations. I use one under the table that the serger lives on to keep thread. I also use them to hold my scrapbooking stuff. Pretty handy to roll to where ever I need them to be.
Do a search on Amazon for rolling carts and you will find all kinds and sizes. I suggest Amazon because you can see all kinds, you can buy those rolling carts at all the big box stores.

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I use the same as Murphy. You can get them at Office Depot or Staples, too, if you don't want to wait for Amazon to ship them. :)

Personally, I think our addiction is healthy! We're stimulating the economy, we don't put a strain on the healthcare system like some other addictions, we're quiet (well, except during shop hops LOL), and we produce beautiful and useful things!


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Isn't it wonderful!! I've only been hooked about 5 years now and hate that I can't spend more time doing it :-)


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Addiction?? Let's just say it is therapy to keep me from all those other addictions I could explore. My hubby is an enabler but feels this is the healthiest option.

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Addiction???? I call it a lifestyle!


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It's so nice to know that I'm not alone with this addiction. I only came out this year....I guess we're just QNA's "Quilters, but Not Anonymous"; we label our addictive products, discuss/ blog our methods for feeding our addiction, proudly maintain a stash...it goes on, and on .... :-)

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Thanks Murphy and Donna. I'll look into those. Have some tall ones I've used for years now, but they won't fit.

Hadn't thought of this as quilters anonymous, but you're right! Lucky for us to have such free communications with others of our ilk.

My husband is supportive...kinda. He does squawk a bit about how...isn't quilting supposed to be using up old scraps? Guess I got the stash building

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Staples has the rolling carts that have 6 small drawers, that would be ideal for thread. They frequently have these on sale at 50% off.

Joann's carries similar carts.

Here is a link that might be useful: 6-Drawer Cart

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I love the carts in Wanda's link. I have three of them. They fit under my desk height tables. They are perfect for containing all the fabric, thread, pattern, etc., for an individual project. I also use them to organize my modest stash by colors. I keep notions like pins, scissors, rulers, etc., on top of the carts in the little compartments. When I need something, I just roll it out from under the desk, and it's all there. They were actually marketed for scrapbooking at JoAnn's.

As to the addiction part, I think it's really healthy to have something that you LOVE to do. I get so much satisfaction out of completing a quilt. I admit that sometimes it has some of the characteristics of an addiction, but I like to think of it as a passion instead.

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Yes quilting is an addiction. One of my family friends joked around with me this summer and said that a hobby is good so long as it does become hoarding. So I cleaned out my stash last month and gave fabric to my S-I-L. Still have plenty of fabric to work with though from my stash thankfully. DH likes it when I work from my stash.

I have not searched for the types of storage specifically that you are looking for, but it never hurts to check out IKEA's online store. I have not bought anything from there in years so am not sure of their pricing, but I figure it's worth a look anyway.

Best to you,

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA

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Also a good place to look for storage containers is The Container Store. I'll put a link below for it.

Best to you,

Here is a link that might be useful: The Container Store

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Wow. Thanks for all the great ideas. This forum sure is fun.

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