Urgent - Tapmaster ?

eleenaApril 28, 2013

I have read threads discussing Tapmaster faucet controllers and I think I am going to get one. (I am interested in the Euro 1775 version but would consider others as well.)

However, I did not know about it till reading threads about motion activated faucets well into the kitchen remodel, so I did not plan for it. The sink cabinet as well as the toe-kick have already been installed.

The installation picture on Tapmaster website shows the cord going through the toe-kick area below the cabinet bottom.

Is it easy to retro-fit? Is it the only way to install it?

I need to order ASAP and I'd appreciate your input.


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Fori is not pleased

Tapmaster is an easy retrofit and usually goes in after the cabinet is in anyway. You just drill a hole in the toekick that gets covered by the pedal. You might need to fish the line through to a hole in the back of the cabinet for the neatest install but it's not bad to do in a new cabinet. (It would be gross to do that in my current nasty old cabinet which is why I haven't done it. Ewwwww.)

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Thank you, fori!

Combined with comments to my other thread, I think Tapmaster it is.

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Mine was installed right after my cabs went in even though I had the TM on-hand prior so I don't see any difference with you installing one now. I did, however, have my cab maker/installer drill the holes for it so my plumber's job was easier. I figured my cab maker was better at drilling nice holes than a plumber. Very easy, and I really, really love my Tapmaster Euro 1775.

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If you buy from Conservastore try using save10 as a coupon code. And call a couple of days after you order it to tell them you need it ASAP, it took them about a month to get me mine,

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