a2geminiApril 28, 2013

Last night, I used my new LeCr grill pan and press and it came out awesome. I doubt I will be so lucky the next time.
(Sorry, not my Vitamix - have to get to WS first)

I plucked Lemon Thyme, Oregano, and French Basil from my Garden Window for the rub. I added some smoked paprika, garlic powder, and pepper to the rub.(I also have a few plants sprouting for my outside garden and then the Grow LIght goes away) I also plucked more basil and parsley for my potatoes)

I put the grill pan on one burner and the press on another burner on medium high (wanted to be sure the inside was cooked and not just burned on the outside.

I put the swordfish on the griddle and press on top and it was so moist and the grill marks made it even better.

I tossed in some goat cheese and pepper to the smashed potatoes (I almost always leave the skin in place) and put the parsley on top for color.

And on the salad - I added some more basil from my window garden.

There is hope for my presentation skills - although I didn't take a picture of the the plates - DH thought he was very special.

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I am so jealous! I wanted a Garden Window but was talked out of it.

Edited to delete a personal question. :-)

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Thanks Eleena - I will have to check my email - I don't check that account regularly.
If I had waited - I would have put a counter height window in place of the GW - but I spent too much on this window, so have to live with it - it is great, but the other would be better.

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Looks yum ! What is a "press" ? My Mom had a flat iron thing that she used to hold bacon flat..I think it is even called a bacon press...has a wooden handle. I have never used it since we don't eat bacon. Can you take a pic ? I love your herb window garden ! C

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Holly- Kay

sounds yummy!

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Trail- I will try to take a picture tomorrow.
Basically it is a heavy grid with ridges that you heat up and put on top of what is cooking.
Think of a panini grill without a cord or a hinge.
Several companies make them. Mine matches the LeCr grill pan.

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Great set up with the grow lights on your garden window. I too am curious about the grill press. I'll keep my eyes open for more pics.

I thought of you today. I made "cauliflower rice" in the VM this morning. Shocked by how well it turned out - and easy.

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Well, I'm waiting for the first photos after you get the VM, but this is pretty interesting too. I've been toying with the idea of getting a Foreman grill or panini maker or something, but clearly this is another avenue to explore. And wow, that whole dinner sounds wonderful! I haven't started growing herbs in my new window yet, but hearing about the basil from your garden window makes me want to get going on it.

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I am guessing it is this press (see link).

I have a similar set by Lodge Logic but it is not enameled.

Made a panini on my new Gag induction yesterday. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Le Creuset Panini Press

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Elena- that is it! Thanks.

Just- I originally was going to get a panini maker until I went into the LeCr outlet and decided on this as it seemed multi functions.
The best part is I tossed it in the DW at the end of the meal and it was all clean. I did soak it for a few minutes just to loosen the food a bit. Can't wait to try a panini on it.

WS is having a demo tonight so I might try to get there, although my bicycle us calling me :-). We might have decent weather this afternoon.
I have until May 6th for the special deal. I am still leaning towards the 750 unless I get cold feet (wallet...). This will be the only year we get a significant refund as we failed to change deductions and DH usually calculates this so we owe and get back ~ $0.00.

Cauliflower soup - yum!

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I think the grill press is a better choice than a panini press also. I've hated cleaning the two panini presses I've had. I rarely use mine because of it. I just use a grill pan on a burner, then place a heavy, smaller frying pan on top and press down manually (or, when I used to have a stove top tea kettle, a full, heavy kettle for weight on top). I need to find a brick from the garden I can wrap in foil to act as weight. I flip over the sandwich and repeat on the other side. Your grill press is faster and cleaner!

If I had a WS or Sur La Table near me, I'd be in b-i-g trouble.

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Oh, wow, that swordfish looks so yummy, a2! But now I want that panini press!!

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Breezy - there is a WS in Allentown - not too far away... If I fly into ABE - we could just meet there :-)

Also, thank you for confirming my thoughts about the panini press - although my DM had one of the originals 30+ years ago - she brought it back from Ireland and DD put in a 220 outlet in the kitchen for her.

Four - Go for it! The fish was awesome!- Also check out my post about getting voted off the island. Peer pressure can kill you :-)

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Don't forget, A2, I'm cleeeeeaaaarrrr across the country from you. You'd have to fly to Seattle to be close to me.

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Breezy, there are a couple of WS and SLTs here in Portland.l.just a quick trip south. :-)

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Breezy- I had a brain fart - LOL. Yes, you are west and bee is east but Anna is trying to help you spend $$ on your gorgeous kitchen. I bet there are some great tile shops in Portland to help you out of the ABB club as well(have you figured out a tile yet- you had so may beautiful tiles on your post but haven't heard much recently ) We do love that area and it has been many years since we visited so we are definitely over due.

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