A Well-Used Quilt

K8OrlandoAugust 4, 2014

In 2000/2001 I made a quilt for my nephew. It was in my pre-forum days so it's another one I made with no pattern and very little experience but, of course, it was made with love. My nephew has always been one of my favorite people but he's led a troubled life, going months without communicating with anyone in the family. I knew he liked the quilt when I gave it to him but I really expected it had been cast aside or lost in one of his many, many moves. This past weekend I came across it at my brother's house, with things my nephew asked his dad to keep for him. I took it out and found it to be faded and worn; obviously washed over and over - and very well used. Yes, I cried, knowing that it has meant something to him and that he used it. Maybe he'll settle down one day and want it back.

I spread it on the bed and took a couple pictures, then folded it up and put it back in the closet.

Here's what it looks like now:

All the greens and blues turned pink! I'm guessing some bleach was involved at least once.

Here's how saturated the colors were when I made it.

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Kate, what a wonderful feeling to know he's used it so much! I hope he finds his way soon. My boss is dealing with a similar situation with her younger son (22 years) requiring some very tough love, and it know it's hard.


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How wonderful that it's been there for him. Like your love wrapped around him.

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what a sweet story. we just never know, do we??

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Kate, when I saw the first picture I thought "what an interesting collection of pastel fabrics for a boy's quilt"... then I saw the original picture and went "that makes more sense"! LOL I'd agree either bleach or just many many washings.

Either way, the fact that it's in safe keeping with Dad goes to show you that it means a lot to your nephew! Nothing better than a treasured prize, whether they are 3years old, or 30! What a great gift for you, too!!

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Yes, it felt like a gift for me!

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That's such a sweet story, Kate. I hope things work out for your nephew and that he will once again claim his treasured quilt.

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It's a good feeling to know a quilt is used and loved that you have made.

Best to you and your family Kate,

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Nice to know your gift to him was and continues to be one of his treasures.

How special for you...and for your nephew.


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Gorgeous quilt, it's such a warm feeling to know someone loved your gift so much!
I think we all know one or two people like that, the twenties are difficult for some people. A relative very close to me is drifting back and forth, very stressful for the ones that love them. Wishing you and yours the best.

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