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bronwynsmomJune 27, 2013

This is in this morning's Washington Post, and since it comes up a lot here, I thought you might be interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Architectural style

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Would love Victorian or Modern (funny how we like the extremes) but we have nondescript ranch, though our roof is not that flat.

Love The Grove! I have been in there, but it was many years ago when I was a grad student.

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I enjoyed looking at that. Of them all, I liked the Bungalow the best. I do love the widow's walk on the Colonial Revival.

I call my house a Faux-lonial. My little development is supposed to be colonial style, but they seem too modest for that designation!

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I used to have a 1942 Cape Cod, loved that little house. We live in a "nondescript" ranch, now. I love single level living, but our facade is seriously lacking in charm. Tan, tan, and more tan. I have some pretty garden beds, though.

So, being nondescript, could I infuse a hint of another style? Maybe put french blue shutters on the front windows since my interior is a collected traditional?

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Love The Grove, too! Funny, I don't see our listed - 90's nondescript tract home. Lol.

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Alex, our siding is cream/beige and our shutters & front door are black. I figure I'll work my magic on the inside, LOL. Good for you for having a nice yard/garden.

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We are in an 1890 Bungalow but only the pitched roof and a huge porch fit the description given in the article. We have huge windows...none smaller than 6ft by 3ft..all original to the house. We added the attic conversion when we purchased the house . Our interior furnishings do not reflect the era of our house but instead are eclectic. I love the house and its architectural features but could never live here if it was furnished in Victorian style. :) Great article.

My fave of all in the slideshow was the MCM....I keep leaning more and more in that direction...too bad this is my forever home. c

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Alex, same home here, although wood shingle siding. I added a long arbor across the front entry and garage, with a picket fence on the side going to the back yard and also one out from the front door (attaches to the arbor) for an entry to my small porch. There were shutters already there. Black which I would like to paint a dark teal. It made a world of difference and feels more cottage, softer.

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Interesting article. I live in suburbia and most of the houses are of the mix-and-match style, although we do have a lot of what the author calls contemporary.

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I don't know what I'd call my house....I've always referred to it as a modern ranch house....single story except for a bonus room over the garage. Tall ceilings so the roof as some pitch. Token front porch (oh, I'd love for that to be bigger!) Big windows. A mix of stone and brick and wood for the exterior.

This 'style' is very popular in Texas...maybe that's what we should call it. :)

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Is there a name for the styles of homes found in suburbia from the 1960s-now that are more than a single story (so not a ranch) and not really any of these other styles? Mixtures of materials from brick and siding to stucco. Average size windows. Smallish front porch. Not particularly modern or symmetrical. I always thought this was a sort of "traditional contemporary" architecture (contemporary time, but more traditional styling, not particularly modern). But from the description of "contemporary" in the article, I'm thinking I was all wrong.

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Never liked modern style homes till I lived in a house designed by Eero Saarimen. No matter what time of the year the house was always filled with light.

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Pricklypear, are you thinking of a split-ranch? This is where the kitchen and LR are on main level, BR's upstairs, and FR downstairs. Homes in our 60's neighborhood are either single story ranches, single story ranches with walk-out basements (wish we had this), split ranches with three levels, and then some true two-story more colonial looking. Yes, it's quite a mishmash.

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Gscience, I'm sitting here in my VA. Tech tee shirt! That's where my dad got his engineerig degree. I wish he were here to tell me if he'd ever been to The Grove or not.

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Thanks gsciencechic! Maybe they are split ranches. For example, I've heard mine termed a "multi-level", but that is not very descriptive of anything beyond floor plan. In my area, "split-levels" usually refer to those where you enter to a stairway and must go either upstairs or down. "Multi-levels" like mine have the kitchen, dining, and living room on the "main" floor. The family room is just 3 steps down lower than the rest of the main living. There's a basement even lower, below the kitchen/dining/living area. The bedrooms are on what I would consider the "second floor" above the family room.

Others in the neighborhood have similar styling/appearance, but have a single level main floor, bedrooms upstairs, and basement below (probably with family rooms).

All of the roofs have a steeper pitch than that of the ranch home in the WP article. These homes are very common to the suburbs of my city and seem to stay very similar from the 60s through now. Mine was built in the 70s, but I've found other homes with nearly the same floor plan built in the 90s or 2000s. Most seem to have an exterior combination of brick or stone (probably veneer) and siding or stucco.

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Modern, bungalow, and Tudor revival have always been my favorites.

We built our home trying to mimic Tudor revival. The interior is not Tudor revival though- it's more rustic modern. We just don't like fussy and traditional interiors. I guess we will just try to make it all work!

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