Trap Doors to Under the House

annie1971February 22, 2008

Can I please vent to all of you builders and home designers. Why is the one and only access to under the house so often in the closet. I have talked to a number of my friends and from personal experience, I am dumfounded (that's the good word).

For 2-3 years now, we have been going through a number of remodels, upgrades, other problems and issues related to owning a 13 year old house. I had been ill for 1.5 years (nothing serious, just somewhat debilitating and extremely painful). I was diagnosed the week we started our kitchen renovation; after that furnace/air conditioning/cable/electric/plumbing and bath work, etc. began.

Why oh why does the access to under the house ALWAYS have to be in the middle of the master bath/bedroom closet floor. I can't tell you how many Tom, Dick and Harry's have been through my bedroom, my bathroom and into my closet, and after moving the chest of drawers and other clothes, have gone down into the underground of my home. While being unwell, this is an extreme invasion of person space.

Why don't you builders/architects take into consideration where the under house access will be in a home. I feel like my closet is on a "portal to the underground" for heavens sake. The main water shut off valve to the entire house is in that closet as well, behind the shoe racks!

Why isn't all that stuff in, maybe the laundry room? or garage or maybe second or third bathroom? Why does everyone have to traipse through our bedroom, bathroom and closet to get things done under the house?!

Please take common sense into consideration for future generations.

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annie..I've never heard of any builder doing that. What a nuisance for sure.

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Codes require access to underfloor spaces and these can be through the sidewall of the foundation or the thru the above floor.

It is often easiest and cheaper to install the access through the floor.

Locating the access is most often done in a closet so that it is not obvious.

Master bedroom closets are usually the largest and prime location for access location.

If it's that bothersome to you, have an access installed through your foundation wall with entry from outside the house.

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Funny, I feel the same way about my personal backdoor, which has increasingly become the access hatch for a variety of medical practitioners, all equipped with shiny snaky devices, lights and cutters and whatnot. If only my Creator had built in some better access!

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I had a condo with that type of trapdoor, and didn't like it, either. But it does sound more secure than access from the outside of the house.

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Very odd. you must not have a basement. ?

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Just a crawl space. In my condo it was about 5 feet deep and had a light. I could have stored a lot of stuff there.

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Our house has the same, but I don't have to move anything for repairmen to access it, which is seldom.
My guess is these areas are chosen because they have more space and can easily be hidden from view. Putting the access in a laundry room would leave it in full view during your daily chores......something I wouldn't want to see.
Another reason MB closets are chosen for access is because carpet is more commonly used in closets, which makes sealing and hiding the opening a little easier.
My laundry rooms have been either vinyl or tile, 2 materials which wouldn't look great with a hole cut into them.

Garage floors are usually slab, so no way to put in a crawlspace.

worthy..........very funny! Had to read it a second time to catch it! :)

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