3/4 bath, lr/mud combo design in 1900 farmhouse

Pittsburgh_AmyJanuary 29, 2014

We are buying a 3000 sq ft. farmhouse built in 1900 with only one bath. We would like to add a bath on the first floor as well as complete a lr/mud room.

There is a laundry/mud room(about 8' x 11') when you enter the side door . Adjacent to this space is an area under the stairs which we could use for a 1/2 or 3/4 bath. Working within the current layout would be the easiest and cheapest option.

But...it really bugs me how the front center hall comes back to the middle of the house and has lots of doors off of it...but not a door to the mudroom. You have to go straight down the center hall into the sun room and then turn right to the door to the mudroom. It would make a lot more sense to have the mudroom connect directly to the hallway.

So, I'm trying to come up with another option, but it is eluding me. We could actually connect the mudroom/laundry room to the hallway (there is even an original door frame in the hall in that spot). But if we did that we couldn't put the bathroom under the stairs.

We have a 1/2 acre and plan to have big gardens. We also have three kids. A wall of cubbies is unlikely since the rear wall of the mudroom is almost completely windows.

Here is the plan for the first floor I appreciate any ideas that you have. I read this post about mudroom/laundry room combos and it gave me a lot to think about:


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Here is a picture looking from the sun room towards the front of the house.

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Can you not use some of the space in the sun room? I am confused about how "outdoors" that sun room is... Is it fully insulated? Can it be part of your fully integrated design (or is it already part of your full house design)?

I can see using some of that space to rearrange well... Also, to get rid of the door from LR to mudroom. But, I need to know if you consider that door right there (that the picture is showing, down the hall) an exterior doorway.

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Here's another picture looking into the mudroom from the sun room. The laundry hookup is in the right corner.

The sun room is really an indoor room. It has a radiator and there is no door separating it from the kitchen, front hall or mud room.

I think the biggest issue to me with stealing space from the sun room is the presence of all of the windows on the one wall. The way the mud room bumps out into the sun room annoys me too. Maybe sun room could become rectangular again if that bump out wall was brought all the way across to where the center hall door is.

The door between the mud room and front living room is a new addition (cheap and smaller than originals). I am not sure how necessary it is and we might get rid of it if it could help mud/laundry room configuration.

We will be replacing all of the windows. I have wondered if we should reduce the size of some of the windows in the mud room. The windows go down so low that we could only have benches on that wall.

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OKay. That is helpful. I will sketch some things out, but hopefully, with others knowing that the sunroom is really "interior" space as well, they can also sketch some things out. I think you need to think a little outside the "box" here (and then you can get a rectangular sunroom again, if you'd like).

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If structurally possible, this is what I would do :)

From [Kitchen plans](https://picasaweb.google.com/113704953485102437421/KitchenPlans02?authuser=0&feat=embedwebsite)
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Thanks for your plan cottagewithroses!

I had originally thought that I didn't want to put the washer/dryer there because the windows are low and I thought that changing the windows would look weird on the outside. But if I want to move the hall back to it's original position it really makes sense do what you did. If you look at the picture of the outside, the mudroom doesn't really look like that much of an extension of the sunroom as I originally thought. I think that since the roof lines are different it can work.

I looked at my measurements and the mudroom is 103" deep (front of house to back) and the total width from the exterior door to the center hall is around 210". The width of the sunroom minus the hall door space is 112" (whole sunroom width is 152").

We would like to fit the bathroom in a space 57" (deep) by "whatever" since there is an existing exterior wall that would divide the bathroom from the hall. So, in the same space that cottagewith roses put it but with a shower if possible.

I would like to open the kitchen or dining room up to the sun room more but am not sure if it will be french doors or just a big opening trimmed out. I can picture the kitchen being really open to the sunroom and putting a banquet in the back corner of the sunroom. We'll probably keep the kitchen/dining room separate because of the fireplace between the two rooms.

FYI the front left room will be our living room, the front right room will be our library/music room, and the middle room will be the dining room.

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Oh, my. I'm all for renovating old farmhouses, but you will have your hands full with this one. That being said, there's the potential to have a REALLY nice home, once it's done.

I hope you've had the plumbing, wiring, foundation and roof inspected. Don't get me wrong, if you've got the skills and money to do this right...it could be beautiful. I just would want to make sure the structural aspects are all renovated before the cosmetic changes.

I look forward to seeing your progress! The idea of getting this renovated (and adding all the gardens) sounds like a wonderful adventure :)

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Thanks Lavender_lass. Yes, we had everything thoroughly inspected and have a well trusted contractor doing most of the hard work. I will be doing all of the interior painting and as much of the exterior painting that I can. We can afford to put money and time into the house and we don't worry about not getting it back (within reason:) We plan to stay here for a long time.

Here is the first option that I am considering for the floor plan. We are trying to open up the house a little bit by removing doors and removing a few small walls. I'm not sure about adding a pocket door between the dining room/sun room yet because it seems like it could break up the wall too much if I do that and open up the kitchen/sun room opening as well.

The biggest difference between this plan and another one I'm considering is with the bathroom. In this plan the central foyer ends at the bathroom. We would use an existing door frame and wall for the bathroom.

I am just not sure about the flow of this floor plan, especially in the center area. My mom doesn't like the idea of having to walk through the dining room to get to the sun room or kitchen. But to me it seemed kind of dumb to have two walkways in parallel positions on either side of a wall. (What's the point of the wall?)

The other possibility is to extend the center foyer back to the sunroom. We really want a shower in the bathroom so continuing the hall through would most likely make the mud/laundry room smaller.

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If that is roughly to scale, then the 3/4 bath is too large (and a block to the sunroom). I'd prefer to see the hall extend all the way back to the sunroom--just shortening the bath area.

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