Any real customer cabinet maker in the great Seattle area?

liveinseattleJanuary 20, 2013

Hi, all
I have been reading the post for very long time since I am planning to redo our master suite and kitchen. I looked at the cabinet options and decide the custom is the way to go. However I am having hard time finding custom cabinet makers around Seattle area. Isgoodwoodworks seems good, but I have not been find any references. I really want to find at least 3 to get competitive bids. My house was built in early 70th with Spanish influence, everything still builder grade and we have completely redone the hall bath, removed walls and added additional plumbing and light fixtures. We had omega cabinets in this bath include 42" vanity, 24 wide linen closet and 2 30" wide 42" tall wall cabinets, we bought from BMC for 3800 include tax and installed ourselves. The cabinets are good quality, but if I had discovered this site before I' d gone to custom route, so it would have better use of space and better looking too. We had to use fillers on wall cabinet and linen closet is not up to celling as I prefer. We still prefer to do installation ourselves but have cabinet custom made instead to go with standard for master bath closet and builtin and kitchen. Anyone has knowledge, please share. Thank you all, really appreciated the information provided on this site.

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Check CL too. I know I contacted a couple through that. Also, I've gotten references for one from my stone company too. (I'm on the eastside).

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Here are two that my architect has specified for our upcoming remodel --

Evan Scott Cabinet and Furniture, 206-280-7516
Salmon Bay Woodworks, 206-612-3993

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Um, Omega IS custom. They will build you a cabinet whatever size you want. Custom width is only a 25% upcharge. And if you want custom width and depth, it's only 40% rather than a 50% upcharge. You can do a 13 1/8" W x 14" deep x 38 1/8" high cabinet in Omega if that's what you need. And in a custom finish as well if one of their hundreds of finishes doesn't do it for you.

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Thank you all for the great input I will check them out in few weeks. We will start demo at the beginning of March. I hope I can stay in budget. have done remodel before, knowing I have tendency to go over:). I have Omega cabinet(overlay door with ivory paint and glaze) in our hall bath, they are very good, but not great. I was wonder why it was not appealing to me after installed. I finally find out that all the cabinets I loved haveinset doors, which I was not aware and did not told by the designer I bought the cabinet from until I discovered this forum. For what I paid to get Omega, I would have got better cabinet. but I have to say I have no complain about finish and quality for passed 3 years. But it is hall bath, it get used when my Mom over to stay or our friends stop by occasionally, and no kids in the house. I am on the eastside too

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I highly recommend Charles R. Caswell - Custom Furniture, Cabinets, Woodworking & Design. 206 522 7306; His work is incredibly detailed, beautiful and unique. HIs website reflects some of his work - he'd be happy to show you many more examples. He is professional and timely in the work he has done for us.

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