Please check my thinking on this counter depth?

Ott2April 1, 2013

I will have a 3cm quartzite slab hanging behind a 36" bluestar range with island trim. The slab will be 6' long, and will have cabinets (down to countertop) on both sides, so will not be be next to any wall tile. My concern is that the 3cm slab will cause my range (main body) to stick out 3cm beyond my cabinets...

Right now, my plans have regular depth cabinets on the range wall and a 47.75" open aisle, or 48.75" including real overhangs beyond cab doors. (The cabinets will have full overlay slab doors, and the counter overhangs will be 1.25" which allows 3/4" for door and 1/2" beyond door on each side of aisle.)

I am considering increasing the countertop depth on the range wall by 2 inches to give a little space between the slab and my range and to make sure my range body doesn't stick out. I would put a small piece of countertop between the range and the wall (~1"?) to fill any gap.

If I make this change, I will decrease the open aisle 2" to 45.75 (46.75 with real overhang beyond doors).

Is it worth losing 2" of aisle to give some space between the range and the slab on the wall?

OR, if the stone slab on the wall is ~1.25" thick, and the slab doors on outside of cabinet are .75" thick, do I increase the counter depth by .5" to make the body of the range line up with the outside edge of the cabinet doors?

I'd appreciate any help to make sure I plan my cabinets correctly around my range! So many measurements...

Thanks so much,

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Hi Ott2,

I have 2 questions for you--what type of range do you have, and what color is your marble?

I did exactly what you're describing--went with extra-deep cabinets to accommodate the 3cm marble slab b-splash behind my range, which has island trim. I have a small space between my range and b-splash (1.75").

This bumped things out to where I have a 44" aisle at the narrowest place (measuring between the handle on my range door to my kitchen island).

The 44" aisle has never, ever been even a slight problem, thought or consideration. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

The reason I went with this is because my marble is very white, and I was concerned about discoloration from the heat produced by the range. I don't know if it's the sealer or the marble itself, but some GWers report a yellowing of white marble tiles and slabs behind ranges and cooktops from the heat.

As an aside, I asked what range you're installing because I switched from the Wolf All Gas to the Dual Fuel at th elvery last minute (actually sent the AG back). The reason I did this is that the AG vents out the top, back of the range, sometimes spitting out hot grease. This would've been a real problem with the white marble b-splash and island trim.

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Beware of making the depth too deep! The range is designed to stick out beyond the cab depth. I think maybe you should go with cabs that just 1" or 1.25" oversized, not 2". See this diagram from the installation manual:

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestar installation manual

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I used a 3 cm slab behind my sink, and was concerned about space for my faucet. The fabricators cut the drywall to get extra depth when installing.

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Thank you all for your thoughts. This is a huge help as I try to sort out my range wall plan.

Madeline616 - The slab on the wall is White Macaubas quartzite. Definitely do not want any heat damage on this stone. The range is a BlueStar, and unless I am misunderstanding, it vents through the island trim. Seems that my situation is not much different than yours was. Thank you for advising about potential heat damage to the white stone, and for sharing your own solution. I think a little space between the range and the slab is indeed a good idea even if it means loosing a little space in the aisle.

Angie_DIY - I will be careful to have the start of the doors on the range completely clear the end of the slab doors on the cabinets to avoid damage to my cabinets. It must be late, because I think I just made that sound way more complicated than it should have! If the outermost face of the range body (not including doors) extends 1/4 inch beyond the outermost face of the cabinet doors, does that seem reasonable?

localeater - My beloved GC is going to think I am so smart when I suggest your idea tomorrow! If what you are suggesting will work for me, it helps with the concerns here, plus helps with a trim issue that I hadn't even thought about until I pictured your suggestion. I might win DH points with this suggestion as well as it's his trim work that will look better if I can use your idea. Funny how a half inch of drywall can matter so much!

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Glad you're figuring it all out, Ott.

Yes, if it vents out the back, position the range forward. I even had some people at Wolf (senior technicians, if I remember correctly) confirm that they've herd of damage to white stone b-splashes with the AG range that vents out the back.

FWIW, I think 1/4" is fine for the body of the rabe to project forward, as long as the door is clear, but why not just build that extra 1/4" of cabinet depth to fully accommodate the range body?

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Good morning Madeline...
I don't feel like I am figuring it all out! But, it sure is good to have help at my fingertips via gardenweb as the questions evolve. As long as the overlay doors to my cabinets are not protruding past the actual body of the range, I should be good, right? I would like for the body of the range to be even with the face of the cabinet doors so that the only protrusion is the door of the range. Good?
Madeline, did you adjust your range hood when you bumped your range out?

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BTW, I have a gas Bluestar with island trim. I do not have a backsplash installed (yet!), so the range is backed up to painted wall. (The wall is cement board, with bright yellow latex paint.) There are no issues with discoloration.

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Hi Ott,

Yes, my understanding is that the entire range door must completely clear all cabinetry, including overlay doors. That means the body of the range would be even with the face of the doors.

We did adjust the range hood a tiny bit. Brought it forward maybe 1/2". The reason we didn't do more is that my range is in an alcove. If I had made the sides and top of the alcove as deep as the lower cabinets, it would've felt cave-like.

For aesthetic reasons, my hood is 42" above the range top. This is way higher than it should be. I compensated with a high-CFM hood in a huge size (48"). Even with this height and very little bump-out, it works really well.

If you'd like to see pics of any of this, just email me. I'm having trouble pasting the HTML code from Photobucket, but I could email you pics.

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Hi Ott,

Just figured out that HTML issue. The first pic is the space between my range and b-splash.

In the second pic, you can see my range door completely clearing the lower cabs, and also the alcove (the reason why I didn't bump out the hood more).

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Thanks so much...

Angie, your feedback has been helping me for over a year now through others' threads! Thanks for sharing your experience here. Maybe you will be the new president of the ABB club soon...

Madeline, your pictures will be worth a thousand of my words when I talk with my GC/cabinet/counter folks. I really appreciate the time you took to do this for me.


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