Mossy Radiation: finished and delivered

tuppermomAugust 11, 2012

I finished sewing the binding and the label on the quilt in the van on the way to Illinois. It was actually more comfortable sewing it in the van with the AC on full force than sewing in my living room. I delivered it to the family shelter that my sister works at and gave them some advice on raffling it off so they get the maximum amount of money for it. The director figured she would start selling tickets on it now and draw the winner at Christmas so I suggested perhaps the draw should be Easter and she agreed. It is 99% floral so a spring draw would be nice. I had my cousin's son and his girlfriend stand on picnic tables so I could get it all in the ended up 88X102".

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You did a great job! I'm sure your generosity is appreciated by everyone associated with the shelter.

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Great job. I hope they make lots of money.

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I agree it looks like a spring sunshine quilt. It puts a smile on your face. Whoever wins will be delighted. Really great and how generous of you.

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Great job! You are so nice and should be applauded for your talent, as well as your generosity!
I'm sure you are sick of strips after finishing this.:)
I think an Easter drawing is a good idea, raffle tickets make a fun and easy Christmas gift. Perhaps they can have a big push of their marketing campaign during the buying holiday season when people feel like spending.

I am always surprised when I give Quilt Raffle tickets as stocking stuffers or use them as nametags on Christmas gifts for a raffle held in June- people get back to me in the summer asking it they won.LOL
I hope it brings big bucks fro the shelter!!

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Well done!!! it's generous of you. I'm sure it will do well for the shelter.

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I think your quilt is beautiful. I enjoy using florals in most of my quilts and love the fabrics you used.

Best to you,

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Thank you all for your kind words. This quilt was not hard to make but was a lot of sewing! I really hope it makes the shelter a good sum. They are in a very depressed area of Illinois so could really use a good amount from this raffle.

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Yes, I can see where this would be a very labor intensive quilt. Beautiful work and such a great cause!!


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Very nice! I have not seen that pattern before.

I hope it makes a lot of money for the shelter.


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