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K8OrlandoAugust 13, 2014

This isn't quilt related at all, except that the colors in this photo would make a pretty quilt, but we're having a spectacular thunder and lightning display right now. I was lucky to get this shot a few minutes ago and just wanted to share it with you all.

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LOL - I guess I've already made the quilt! Didn't realize how close they were in color until I saw the pictures side by side in Photoshop.

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oh my GOSH!!! the colors ARE so close!!! and both photographs are beautiful!!! That quilt is gorgeous!

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Beautiful, and beautiful! They are totally the same colours!

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Nice work with both pictures. The black in the first is picked up with the head board of the bed.....lol.
Remarkable picture of the lighting. TFS

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Great shot of the lightning, Kate. And your quilt is wonderful. May I ask the name of your pattern, or is this one of your creations?

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It's a creation. I used a jelly roll (2.5" strips) and a layer cake (10" squares) in the batik set called Creamcicle. I think i added one or two more matching batiks I already had. I made HSTs out of all the layercake squares, then added 2 borders of the strips to each HST. I was as random as I could be with the whole process. Then I used a design wall to put them together, using any part of the block to bring out a pattern. I love the "nesting squares" effect. It took a lot of shuffling and then standing back to make it work. I did it at Retreat last year! Everyone pitched in with suggestions about the layout, but Jennifer played a big part! It turned into one of the fun latenite projects.

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That's very impressive. I think you all did a wonderful job. I can't wait to participate in one of the retreats. Maybe next year.

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Too funny about the photo colors and the quilt colors...how coincidental is that? Both...photo and quilt are beautiful!!!

I recall precariously standing on the folding chair re-arranging these blocks, and re-arranging them again and again....LOL...I think I'm packing a folding step stool this year.

Lois...mark your calendar now so we all get to meet next year!

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Kate, Fabulous picture and quilt! Glad you were able to enjoy the lightening, not get zapped. I skipped swimming one day this week due to lightening here.


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