Too many bin pulls? Please tell me

gwloloApril 2, 2013

For my green galley kitchen, I planned rustic vintagey cast iron binpulls and knobs like this.

I just had about half the hardware installed and am wondering if I need to use something else on the remaining drawer fronts to break up the visual flow. Is this too many bin pulls? Should I use something else like handles?

View from windowseat end looking towards the landing area

View from the other end looking towards the windowseat

The only other hardware type is this refrigerator handle for the fully integrated 30in fridge

The remaining holes are drawer fronts as well with warming oven and deep drawers.
I do like these handles but have not been able to find anything long enough that would work with existing cast iron hardware

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Holly- Kay

I think it looks lovely! I love how you mixed up the look with handles, pulls, and knobs.

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I would continue with the bin pulls. Your eyes just aren't used to them yet. I think it will be lovely.

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Those are such visually pleasing bin pulls that I'd continue on with them. They don't scream at you, but have a classy presence all together. It might distract from them to introduce something else. That's a fabulous run of cabs you've shown!

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Wow beautiful kitchen, I wish I had that many drawers. The bin pulls look good. I would keep using the same pulls.

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Another vote for continuing with those bin pulls. They look great!

I see Eizpiz's kitchen in that last pic...a worthy inspiration to so many!!

Looking forward to seeing your finished photos!

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Yikes! The last photo of the island with handles is not mine! It is Elizpiz's kitchen which is a GW classic. I meant to ask if I should use handles and knobs like she has mixed up in her island.Our knobs and pulls are similar to hers. Currently I only have the bin pulls and the knobs. I like the look of her handles but have not been able to find anything similar.

One option is to do one binpull instead of two on some of the drawers.

Here is the view of the other side of the galley.

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Hutch near the windowseat end. The cavity underneath will be freezer drawers with panels and bin pulls

The sink and DW.The refrigerator is paneled. I am still debating if I should panel the dishwasher. The stainless steel is a panel and can be swapped for a panel. Not sure yet.

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I think it looks beautiful, chohesive, harmonious, and well thought out.

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I love it the way it is ; ) Beautiful! And I love the green!

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Looks great. Don't change a thing.

Can't wait to see the floor

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Not too many bin pulls -- they suit the space perfectly and having so many only makes it simpler for the eye to process. I just love the way your kitchen is turning out -- the green cabinets are gorgeous!

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Love the detail of the glass on the side frame of the hutch and the upper left of the sink.

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First of all, I love how your kitchen is turning the color! I think the bin pulls look great as they are. Mamagoose gave me the idea of using bin pulls on the top drawers and handles on the lower drawers, just for ergonomics. But I don't think one way is better than the other. I can't wait to see your finished kitchen!

As for the dishwasher, I think it can go either way. We kept our existing DW, so it couldn't be paneled, but if we end up replacing it some day, I may consider paneling it. Unpaneled, makes it very easy to clean, though. Maybe buy a panel for it and keep it on hand in case you change your mind? You could change it out with the seasons. ;)

Just for a look, here's a pic of part of our kitchen right after we finished the remodel last year so you can see the different handles...we have 3 types, bin pulls and handles on drawers, knobs on doors.

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Thanks all for the reassurance. I must say I am a bit surprised though.. I thought for sure that many posters will suggest breaking it up by adding some handles instead of binpulls. But the binpulls make it easier as I don't have to hunt for handles.

Lololauren, holly-kay, smiling, EATREALFOOD --> thanks for the vote!
shangaimom --> Good memory! Elizpiz's kitchen was definitely my inspiration and lured me away from OTK :)
I sometimes miss seeing the earlier posters like Elizpiz, Plllog etc.

Pirula --> Those words mean a lot to me as it was what I was shooting for in my sweeby statement. Thanks again for the chandy info! Mine is hanging in the the dining area and I smile everytime I see it :)

dilly_ny --> The floor is a saltillo look alike porcelain. I am actually a little worried about removing the paper and discovering that the red clashes horribly with the green. It was a gamble and I hope it pays off. Crossing fingers :)
hlove --> I love how you mixed bin pulls and handles. Can you share some details of your handles?

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