Ikea Wood Counter Sealing

MDBmomApril 12, 2013

I just bought an Ikea wood countertop for a laundry room. It will sit over a front loader washer and dryer and have a top mount sink in it. We rarely use this sink. I was wondering what people have used to seal it or if all. I have done some reading hear about waterlox and mineral oil and tung oil. I have a bit of a time constraint so I wanted to do the quickest one as my contractor starts Monday...2 weeks earlier than expected! Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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I have one but it isn't where my sink is I either use the oil they sell or else Beeswax Butcher Block Conditioner sold on e-bay by a seller who has been mentioned here several times. It sounds as thought you won't have food on the countertop so probably whatever is easiest (and least harmful to the environment?) would be best. I have used mineral oil also, but prefer the Beeswax Butcher stuff more.

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Unless you need it to be food safe, not something like mineral oil or beeswax that needs frequent application and could come off on linens left on it. I'd do a permanent finish like waterlox or or tung oil or poly for a laundry room.

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Thanks so much. This is very helpful. I think you are correct about going with waterloo... since it will be a folding station. I wasn't thinking about the oil rubbing off of it. Thanks!

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