What can you tell me about silgranit sinks

lynne412April 7, 2013

I am planning on putting in a black silgranit sink with uba tuba granite countertops. I would like any feedback, good or bad regarding this kind of sink. Thanks!

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I have the brown silgranit and though easy to clean, it does have a whitish residue that I can't or haven't gotten out yet!

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Our bar sink is a black Blanco Silgranit. We haven't had any problems with it - it's been trouble free.

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Anthracite, two months old with very hard water. No spots so far, and love the easy clean up...

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Thanks so much for the info!

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I have had a silgranite sink in Truffle now for 6 months - love it!

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Almost a year- cafe brown
Silgranite color goes all the way through so scratches should not be a major problem.
I would recommend the sink grid. I don't store mine in the sink but when I wash heavy pots(seldom as almost everything goes in the DW), I use it. I figure dropping a 10 lb pot on stone is not a good idea(or any sink material)

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