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magothyrivergirlAugust 29, 2012

I ordered the doubled sided thread organizer from Connecting Threads, and I like it so much that I ordered another one this week. I use their thread (yes, I find it linty but oh well-I dust the machine and bobbin area often). The spools fit perfectly in the dividers. You flip it over to open the other side for additional spools. Had I understood that, I would have ordered it before now. I like to store my thread covered to keep the dust off and light out. It also has a handy carrying handle.

Please ~ recommend a notion you like, new or old.

Here is a link that might be useful: Double sided thread storage

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Oh, great...yet another way to just sit in my chair and spend money! ;-)
My favorite is those little soft rubber rings that hold bobbins so they never fall out and they don't break when you drop them. I'll look for a pic and post it here.

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Never heard of this place, but theirs was the cheapest I saw. It was $8.00 some places.

Here is a link that might be useful: In the Hoop Designs

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My fav might be the rubber bobbin rings that Q'hen posted. I have two. Best thing ever for bobbins.

My fav for thread is the thread tree from Connecting Threads. It sits on my sewing table beside the sewing machine. It holds many spools and you can pull any color through the loop at the top and take it directly to your machine.

I've become fond of these snip scissors too. The ones I have aren't exactly like these Fiscars but pretty close. Unfortunately, I can't find any like the pair I have anymore.

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I don't have a rubber ring for bobbins - I don't know - why not?

I never got the hang of little snips - years ago, I snipped a hole in something. If I find mine, I'll bring them to you Kate.

My heading was a bit misleading.....please recommend ANY notion or accessory you like - it wasn't meant to be just about thread.

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I have one of those rubber rings and love it, but couldn't find one the last time I looked. I also have some plastic storage boxes for bobbins, and for overstock all-purpose thread and all of my hand-quilting thread I use fruitcake/cookie tins. I keep all my machine quilting thread in the top drawer of my rolling storage cart. This thing is great but I'm beginning to need another one.

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One new notion that is one of THE BEST ever is the new Clover wonder clips. They are perfect for bindings, purse making, strap making, and generally anything you don't want to pin. They keep things perfectly flat as opposed to the slight distortion you get especially when pinning several layers together. I just love them! And a bonus is I can sew tight spaces without bleeding from pin sticks.
Here is the link to them at Amazon, read the reviews to get an idea of how wonderful these little clips really are.
Happy quilting/sewing/clipping

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I like the bobbin rings, too. Since I don't use various thread colors very often (mostly neutrals and grays), I do have them and like to look at them, so they're in clear covered containers....eye candy. I like the little stork scissors, too....they're gold...more eye candy. I attached a gold charm bracelet to one of the handles as a fob. No sense of it laying in a drawer not being used. @:)


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well i have been using the double size boxes for quite awhile. mine came from walmart' it was used for matchbox cars. cost around 5 and has a handle. also like the snips use them all the time.

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LOVE those orange snips!! Been through 3 already, but can't seem to find them anymore to get a needed new pair.. :(

Also have those rubber rings...One for my quilting bobbins, a different colored one for miscellaneous garment/sewing threads, a third color for the bobbins I use frequently.

I don't really have any clever notions to share with you, though...just all the standard stuff.

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