Have you sold because of a 'Neighbor from Hell'?

dominoswrathAugust 27, 2010

We are selling our home because of a neighbor from hell. A true nightmare. We've put a lot of money into our home, but at the same time we'll make it up on the other end provided we buy the right home in the right location at the right price.

I have regrets, at the same time, I know my life will be peaceful after we sell. Living next to these nutbags is not worth the headache. Wondering if anyone has had the same experience?

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What are some of the things you don't like? Just general thoughts please. Dogs? Kids?

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We've lived in a couple of neighborhoods that weren't the best. Our *bad* neighbors all had some sort of illegal connection such as drugs, gangs or prostitution. Obviously, we only lived there until we could move onto something better.

I'd also be curious as to what you consider a bad neighbor. One of my mom's friends lived next to someone who was extra nosy. Back in the day when we had party lines, this woman would get on the phone and listen into phone conversations. She outed the gay neighbor kid. She talked really loud and we could understand some of her conversations from about a half mile away. Mom's friend built a fence around the back yard and this lady got upset because it blocked her view. I always found the stories hilarious, but I would not have been able to live next to her.

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Not sure which is worse, just the neighbor or the neighbor with their messy, overgrown, neglected yard!! Hope it won't effect the sale of your house!!
Good Luck!

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Yes, we sold primarily because of a neighbor from Hell. He and his constantly barking dog made us miserable. After trying to work with him, with animal control, and with the police, we realized he'd never change, and the city would never force him to change (small town politics). We found another (much better) house and moved. It was absolutely the right thing for us. We really like our new neighbors and our new-to-us house.
You have my sympathy and my best wishes,

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As long as you come out financially even or better, don't give it a second thought!

Barking dogs are the number one bane. After building a supposed final custom house for ourselves, a new neighbour moved in behind us. His house was 500 feet away, but he caged his three, sometimes four, beagles at the end of his yard, where they would howl and yowl at all hours of the day and night. The police said they would lay a charge if they could get a copy of the local by-law, which they said they couldn't get. Huh?

I was considering more, uh, clandestine services when another of his neighbours, a lawyer, filed a tort action over the stench from the cage. Within a month, the dogs were gone, followed by the owner.

I have found that the more expensive a neighbourhood I move into, the fewer problems in the neighbourhood. Though it was strange to once live near gated mansions that had 24 hour on-premises guards. Another place always seemed to have a half dozen bulky men in suits and sunglasses strolling the grounds. Who are those people? (Better not to ask too loudly.)

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If all I had to deal with was dogs, kids, messy lawns or the likes, I'd be in heaven compared to this. We've had a nosey neighbor at one point, but it was bearable. There were good points and bad points about it, but the good point was we didn't have to invest in a security system - we called him our security guard. There is also other drama in the neighborhood - the old timers get upset when young families move in with children and put up fences - 4 1/2 foot fences they call "walls". LOL. I guess that's typical when you live on small lots.

The neighbor I am referring to is a complete psycho - turning up sprinkler when I walk down my driveway so I get saturated - complaining incessantly to various authority figures in the community when they don't get their way - they lie through their teeth to the point that we walk around with voice recorders on us in case they approach us, and we've outright refused to have any contact with them, and yet they continually inject themselves into our lives.

Strange behavior - I was reading about "Community stalking" - and not that I consider this community stalking per se, but interesting similarity in that every time we'd open our garage door - no matter what time of day or night - the neighbor would open theirs within 30 seconds. At first I thought my spouse was imagining it, but sure enough, it became clockwork. They must be completely obsessed and sit by their windows all day to see what we do. That, and every time we'd sit on our patio or drive up our driveway, they'd immediately shut all the lights off in their house, and then open the window closest to our patio and listen to us. Really strange, almost obsessive behavior.

The incessant watering our property in retaliatory fashion is very typical behavior.

Reactions that are overly emotional, throwing temper tantrums like a five year old child, truly a mental disorder, no doubt. I was reading about Borderline Personality disorder, and its the best I could come up with - the need to run to rescuers, poor sense of self identity, can't be told they are wrong, temper tantrums, continually injecting themselves into your life no matter how negative the relationship, etc.

Pat, we've also been told the same - we'll never change them. How did our attorney put it? It's like asking a five year old not to act like a five year old. The funny thing is, from the get-go, I've always sensed that something "wasn't right" about our neighbor...strange things that seemed to always coincide with some improvement we did on our property - say if we bought a fountain or garden statuary - they'd start stomping around their yard looking all peeved like its a competition or something. Weird.

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That sounds like a seriously weird neighbor! Time to invest in a 6' privacy fence!!!!! I would be totally creeped out and wanting to move.

We aren't selling right now, but if we do in the future (which we probably will within the 7 year time frame, depending on money situations) it would be because of illegal/dangerous behavior from a neighbor. We live in a gentrifying area of the inner city (Cleveland) so, of course, there are going to be issues, gentrifying or not. Yes, each year, more and more houses get renovated and "better" people move in but you're still stuck with some real poopers.

The people directly across the street I strongly dislike...they deal drugs (even though they are like 50 and on SSD!), so there is suspicious activity there sometimes. And they let their nephew have his hoodlum friends over all hours of the night.

I contacted the councilman, the police commander, and the neighborhood association and I don't know if they said something to the people or not but the problems have not been nearly as bad this year.

They would be the main reason we would want to move - we could not enjoy our front porch or balcony last summer. I still am bitter with them about that. We don't talk to them.

They also own three lots next to their house that are vacant and abandoned - typical Cleveland problem. An eyesore and danger, to be sure.

Then there is the house two houses down that is owned by a property management company that rents out the house...we can smell the house from our driveway (yard is only like 37x97), it smells like dirty poor people, basically. I don't say it to start an argument about class but that's just what it smells like...poor people that never clean, smoke too much, and don't have good hygiene. They are actually pretty well behaved, though, and aren't directly next to us.

A few houses down is another rental...people seem to get evicted once every few months or so...varying degrees of people have lived there, ranging from one quiet person, to a sex offender, and the time before last, a couple that had domestic abuse issues. I felt bad for the kids...it made me want to cry sometimes. We did call the cops a few times when things got really bad; luckily they weren't our direct neighbors.

Of course, I don't want to make it sound all bad - the people directly next to us on both sides (we have a corner house) are very, very nice, quiet, reasonable people. The two houses directly across from us on the one side are both good neighbors.

Such things happen in densely populated urban areas. We knew that coming into the situation and actually the neighborhood and surrounding area is much better than we had anticipated. I'm still not too fond of the people across the street, though...I will be seriously ticked if they start their "activities" up again.

The other people I described, I just feel bad for them, they aren't a nuisance...to live in such poverty that you just give up and never clean your house, or you are forced to stay with someone that hits you because otherwise you'd be homeless, etc...it's very, very sad.

But, we are urban pioneers, and we are here for a good while. Like I said, things are better than we expected, and change comes one person, and one house at a time. In the year we've been here 3 other houses have been rehabbed and decent people have moved in. A good sign in a bad economy.

I do have one comment though -
What the heck is with people that never have any lights on! A few of our neighbors must be vampires, I swear...we rarely see lights on in their house. We were just talking about it. Like, don't they live? And do stuff in their house? Do they just sit in a dark room and stare off into the distance? I don't get it. Or is it that we are huge wasters of electricity and don't live like most people? LOL.

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We moved 2 years ago because of neighbors from hell.

Our situation however was nothing to laugh about or to make light of. As a result of our experience with NFH, I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder and have developed various forms of anxiety having to do with everyday noise. For example the sound of lawn mowers or any motorized machinery makes me feel like I'm close to a nervous breakdown. The sounds of people yelling and howling or talking excessively loud raises my anxiety level. County music and motorcycles are also sounds I cannot deal with. I think the worst sound I can hear are people in general, which is why we're looking for a secluded spot to live in.
Right now we're living a city, it's more like a town, which was the biggest mistake we've could have made, but in our defense, when we moved here it was very quiet and peaceful. However, a year after our move the abandoned fire house across the street was bought and converted to a BBQ roadhouse blues restaurant (my worst nightmare) with a "state of the art sound system". The owner is complete trash, and does nothing to set an example to his patrons. He himself is often outside louder and drunker than anyone else. We have people hanging out in street in front of our building at 1 and 2 am in the morning talking as if it's noon, with no care that it's also a residential community and that people right above are sleeping. This is a nightly occurrence. The bar attracts the most incredibly trashy people you could imagine. The kind of people who would walk around the supermarket in their pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Last week there was a woman flashing herself in front of 3 guys. We didn't sign up for this kind of living. Thankfully we rent and are looking for a secluded home away from humans.

....but getting back to our former NFH, the reason we sold our house was because the person we were dealing with was not afraid of the law, and in fact, knew exactly how to glide under the radar, so it went from reporting a psychotic persons behavior to the state police to it being a "neighbor dispute". That's how the state police handle it.
It all started with their lose dog. It ended up chasing after my son as he was riding his bicycle and biting him on the leg which caused my son to fall off his bike. We were all understanding of the situation, because after all, dogs do get lose, however, immediately after the incident the neighbor made absolutely no effort in trying to keep the dog on a leash or even on his property. He felt like he had been living there longer than we had and that we had no right to tell him to keep his dog leashed. This of course infuriated us, and had we known we would have sued him for damages of the bite. Needless to say, my son never road his bike in our neighborhood ever again and there was not a damn thing we could do about it.

So several months pass. Neighbor and his dog continue being an issue with the dog actually coming on our property and growling at me and my husband. We call animal control and police. this makes neighbor angry. He starts acting like a prick, example: I go out to get my mail, he starts yelling for his dog pretending his dog is lost meanwhile his dog is right beside him all along. Then starts throwing a stick on our lawn so his dog has to run on our property to fetch the stick. It started off with little things like that. But it gets worse...

When he passes our house, he begins to drive very slowly at a crawls pace to intimidate us. This was his method of trying to keep me in the house. One time I was talking on my cell phone outside and he passed me 7 times, doing u-turns and everything. Another time I went out jogging, and he followed me in the car and called me a spic and to go back to my third-world country. I called the police, but since I couldn't "prove" it, nothing could be done. I started carrying a camera with me during my jogs..
Then he stepped it up a notch, and while I was gardening he went outside by the property line and took a hose a put it by his penis pretending it was an extension of it and pretended to masturbate. The police were called and he was arrested for sexual harassment. Prior to all this, he had started dating a porn skank who moved in with him, and she was often outside butt naked or the most incident bikinis, if that's what we want to call them outside in the front yard. it was all pure redneck white trash. Like stuff you see on tv. Joe dirt.
One day I look out the window and his girlfriend was performing oral sex on him on the deck, in plain view not only of our house and the street, but of my sons bedroom window. we called the police.
ATV. oh my god. up and down the street, around and around his 1/2 acre property. We had 1/2 acre too. Called the police.
At night, he would hide in his own bushes and make bird sounds to intimidate me. He would also howl like a wolf, yell, holler, whenever he saw me outside, which is the main reason why I suffer from anxiety of sounds.
We ended up having to get a 24 hour security camera with night vision and ended up recording many of his offenses which the police did nothing about because although we had proof, he would accuse us in return of something bogus and take his word for it. It was very frustrating and I was emotionally and psychologically sick at that point. We ended up spending OVER $10,000. he was found guilty of a few charges and payed a couple of fines, but we never got the justice that the offenses deserved. it was a very honky tonk town and we had to live with it which is what the town basically told us in not so many words.

so....we put our house up for sale, and they made it very hard for us to show the house. His own mother was recorded on video telling us that she was going to make sure we did not sell our house and she was going to make our lives a living hell. So out of anger we took the house off the market and decided we shouldn't have to sell to make way for these POS. We fought back, fire with fire. I started going outside and screaming at him "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO INTIMIDATE US, WE'RE NEVER MOVING!!!!!YOU'RE A PIECE OF TRASH, YOU'RE A MISERABLE SON OF A ****." I mean anything I could think of. It was consuming us totally and i became very sick. I went down to 101 pounds. Even writing that right now is very upsetting to me...
Finally we decided that this was no way to live. They were never going to move and our life was much more important than living like that.
So we secretly moved. We moved at night, from inside the garage so no one could see us. We knew if they found out we had sold the house they would make our life a living hell and we would have no choice but to murder them. We would make trips to the storage unit after dark when they couldn't see the loaded car. We maneuvered very quietly and stealth. The decorations for the exterior of the house were left until the last minute so they wouldn't be suspicious of the move. I didn't remove the halloween decorations on the porch until an hour before we drove off never to return again.
We actually ended up leaving the state because I was so paranoid he would find out where we lived and would drive in front of our new place to harass us. We left in such a rush. We moved under the cloak of darkness.
I just remember getting to the new place and emotionally collapsing. I got very sick, I had a fever and lost my voice for a week. That day was a very important day for us, it was a day of rebirth.
It took a while to heal from the immediate trauma..I would get scared if I saw a car dive pass the house which was on a very quiet country road. I would look at my husband every time I heard the sound of a lawn mower. I still have so many issues two years later that I won't be able to get passed unless I see a therapist. This experience has affected me emotionally and psychologically in so many ways. If i ever saw this person again, my first animal instinct would be of survival mode and I would physically attack him to kill out of fear. I wish him pure misery.

"If there was any word of comfort that would be a solace to her in her dying hour, and only I possessed it, I wouldn't part with it for Life itself."
David Copperfield-Charles Dickens

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Well, that sure do beat all our pissant woes to flyspecks on a grease-stained wall!

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This is better than that book I didn't buy at Walmart the other day. And it's free!

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Sad situation all the way around.

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To pollopicu: So sorry to hear of your experience and its aftereffects for you. Your anxiety is highly treatable, however, so find yourself a therapist with experience treating PTSD and situation-induced anxiety. You shouldn't have to suffer indefinately. So glad you got yourself to a safer home and best wishes!

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Thank you very much. I plan to seek therapy after we moved and I feel more stabilized in home life.

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We saw one of those reality TV things the other day where one neighbor shot the others. Moving would have been a really good option.

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this made me laugh because when we bought this house, the seller diclosed that she had a neighbor from hell. I was put off, but my husband wanted this house, so we bought it.

Well, the day we moved in, all the neighbors got together and made us diner and we had a big party. Seems the seller was the neighbor from hell. We have great neighbors.

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Lots of people live on Lakeview Terrace.

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"Seems the seller was the neighbor from hell."

As a landlord I have had to deal with adjoining property owners, mostly owner occupied.

I have always made them aware of how to contact me, and have only a few issues over 20+ years (if the tenasnats are cauasing problmes I really would like to know).

There have been very few calls or contacts over the years.

I did have one neighbor who repeadetly complined after I chad a tree firm remove an overgorwn tree that had vines that had wound themselves around the power line and the adjacent pole transformer and pole.

The POCO chose to shut of the rental house and three others sharing the transformer so they could clean off the growth when my tree guy asked for a power drop to the rental house.

When he pushed, a quick letter from my attorney informing him that I was not responsible for actions taken by the POCO finally shut him up.

It turned out he was the neighborhood gadfly (not uncommon in the peoples republic of Arlington, VA).

The other neighbors were glad for the clean up, and a number of them followed suit on their properties.

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In the small rural hamlet where we raised our kids, there were a couple of rental properties, including a trailer. Across from us, a biker moved in, and we were a little nervous, but he turned out to be a loyal friend and trustworthy neighbour -- although he got a bit loud when drinking, he was (and is) a Good Guy. I think he'd dropped his biker connections, and just kept the persona and bike. Appearances can be deceiving!

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Seized Hell's Angels clubhouse, lower east side Toronto (Concrete columns to impede
police and rival vehicle attacks.) Source: Blog TO

In April 2007, after an 18 month investigation, this Hells Angels Clubhouse was raided by the Toronto Police and the Biker enforcement Unit of the Ontario Provincial Police. The police operation seized 500 litres of GHB , nine kilograms of cocaine, two kilograms of hashish and oxycodone, cash, rifles and handguns. Neat neighbours.

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One aspect of this that hasn't been touched upon - and I wonder about:

I try to live a good honorable life. How on earth would I sell such a house to anyone without lying or misrepresenting why I was moving? I would so hate to be responsible for innocent people moving in and their lives being wrecked. The karma thing you know!

This isn't to criticize anyone who's done this, but just to say that that's another dimension of how awful this kind of situation is.

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Depending on the state, too, you might be required by law to disclose a problem neighbor. You definitely are in ours, though we do have some of the strictest disclosure laws around---which isn't to say everyone does, but you can be successfully sued for not doing so by the buyer, if they can prove you knew about the problem neighbor or neighboring property. (This had just happened in our area a year or two before we bought, so I remember hearing all the gory details from our realtor...not a fun way to close out a living situation that was undoubtedly unpleasant to begin with!)

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WE too had a neighbor from hell about 12 years ago. We bought his mothers house and he asked if he could still use the gate at the back of the property to access his cattle field even though he had access closer to his house. One day, I couldn't find my daughters Dalmation or my German Sheppard. I drove around looking for them and my neighbor was out on his tractor. I asked if he had seen them. First he said no, then he said he shot them for chasing his cows.(They would follow them through the gate on our property) Never found Freckles but found Bear shot. Took him to the vet. $1500 dollars later he came home and I put him in the kids play fence 4'(He had a collapsed lung and wasn't supposed to run) He was fine for 2 days then we came home and he was gone. Found him a couple days later dead. We put the house up for sale later that month. His cows got out in my yard and I threatened to shoot them as they were a danger to my kids. (I didn't though...wanted too!)

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Wow! Country life.

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Years ago, I was in between two sets of rednecks. On one side, the guy would come home, pop open the tailgate on his station wagon, and proceed to have a personal tailgate party. He'd then throw all the beer cans in the brush between our property. On the other side, the couple obviously had marital issues and tried to include me into a three way triangle. He would paint his truck with a paint brush in the front yard. Latex enamal, I'm sure.

Back to the other side....they used to throw eggs on my house. So, one night I set my alarm clock for 3 a.m. and threw all of their eggs back onto their house and car. They would listen in on phone conversations and then repeat them into my answering machine. I soon learned to avoid the cordless phone. These folks are truly nuts.

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heres a question... presently looking at ahouse to buy...can i go to the township and inquire about activity in the niebourhood ie police calls, bylaw visits?

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"if they can prove you knew about the problem neighbor or neighboring property"

The definition of a "problem neighbor" is why suits rarely are brought or succeed, despite the law.

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"heres a question... presently looking at ahouse to buy...can i go to the township and inquire about activity in the niebourhood ie police calls, bylaw visits?"

I've done this. I called the sheriff for a township and asked what types of crime were most prevalent. The person who answered paused and then said "mostly ATV's tresspassing in other people's yards".

Try googling the police blotter for the city your interested in, or peruse forums like City Data for comments.

I'd talk to the neighbors as well.

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We are considering selling and getting away from a bad neighbor is one consideration. This woman decided she loathes my son. She told several neighbors he was a problem and to watch out for him as soon as they moved in, badmouthed him at school, etc. Although my child is not perfect, he can't be too bad or the neighbors would never have told me about her malicious gossip. I don't know why she took a dislike to him, but she does have a child his age and acts as if their lives are some kind of competition, which is unhealthy.

Unfortunately there are lots of nuts out there, and you could move near someone worse.

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You know, it's interesting reading everyone else's experiences. We're still next to our neighbor from hell, but thankfully the law has been on our side and things are looking better for us these days, but we are also realistic and know that their behavior will continue NO MATTER WHAT in some form or another, for the simple fact that we believe an actual emotional disorder exists in this person, and her husband is unwittingly an enabler.

It seems based on what others have experienced, there seems to be a commonality - that these people lash out in anger and hostility and have the perception that there is a "competition" going on. Our neighbor's Mom used to make strange comments to us - in the early days when we were actually on talking terms - and when we'd be working on the outside of our home, she'd say, "the race is on"...
we thought that to be very strange - we were here before them, we've been working on our home for years, nothing that we did had anything to do with them, but they took the stance that we (or they) were trying to compete. But interestingly, the more we did, the more hostile the nut job next store became, and actually appeared upset when we'd buy things to improve the curb appeal.

I've done a ton of research in trying to understand this personality type -- these are the things I came up with based on my own experiences:

My neighbor could possibly suffer from what is known as "False Victimization Syndrome"

My neighbor also exhibits characteristics common to a sadistic personality -- she accuses us of doing things we didn't do to higher authorities because she likes to watch us squirm in anguish when we are constantly defending ourselves. The police are on to her though, and the city has directly told her they are no longer getting involved in her attempts to involve third parties in matters that are civil and should be handled through an attorney. The thing is, we believe our neighbors can't afford an attorney, so they use the city as a conduit to harass us, involving various authority figures in trivial matters. They finally told her to fight her own battles once they realized what she was up to, but it wasn't easy - we still had to defend herself against her accusations, we NEVER retaliated or reciprocated any of their nuisance behavior, and we documented, to our benefit, EVERYTHING they've done. We sent pages and pages of documentation to the authorities to demonstrate that the neighbors have a history of using the city and third parties as a conduit to harass, badger, and infringe on our legal rights.

The sadistic personality - it is a very common trait for this personality to recruit third parties, when all else fails (she's done this EVERY time we've ever asked them to leave us alone - as soon as we express a desire to sever our relationship with them, they immediately recruit third party involvement to force contact with us). They also are now recruiting family members to harass us, and they've involved city contractors in their attempts to slander our reputation in the community - this past summer, a city contractor working on the streets in front of our house approached me telling me that my neighbor told him we're going around taking pictures of the work they are doing - giving him such a negative impression of us that he felt compelled to approach us. All of this is untrue of course. In fact, the contractors on the street were helping me get rid of some excess soil we had on our property and as a thank you I purchased them all lunch. Not long thereafter, my neighbor began bashing me to them. It's all jealousy. Of course, I told him to ignore my crazy neighbors antics. But these are the lengths this nut job goes to. She doesn't want anyone to like us, but the fact is she suffers from a severe inferiority complex. The sadistic personality derives pleasure in watching others suffer, which is why she always tries to involve third parties and goes as far as to attempt to force "mediations" with various members of the city, but it's just a ploy - she doesn't really want to mediate. It is a common trait for the sadistic personality to misuse the legal system, authorities, third parties including neighbors, friends and family to (unwittingly) do the harassing. Of course, the police and everyone else are just doing their job following through on her complaints, but unbeknownst to them they are being intentionally misused - luckily, we have been able to identify and point out that it is a pattern with her, and the city recognizes that now, but it took a lot of documentation and patience to get here.

Below is the medical definition as per Wikipedia, and my neighbor fits the bill:
Sadistic personality disorder is:

A) A pervasive pattern of cruel, demeaning, and aggressive behavior, beginning by early adulthood, as indicated by the repeated occurrence of at least four of the following:

1.has used physical cruelty or violence for the purpose of establishing dominance in a relationship (not merely to achieve some noninterpersonal goal, such as striking someone in order to rob him/her).

2.Humiliates or demeans people in the presence of others.

3.has treated or disciplined someone under his/her control unusually harshly.

4.is amused by, or takes pleasure in, the psychological or physical suffering of others (including animals).

5.has lied for the purpose of harming or inflicting pain on others (not merely to achieve some other goal).

6.gets other people to do what he/she wants by frightening them (through intimidation or even terror).

7.restricts the autonomy of people with whom he or she has a close relationship, e.g., will not let spouse leave the house unaccompanied or permit teenage daughter to attend social functions.

8.is fascinated by violence, weapons, injury, or torture.

B) The behavior in A has not been directed toward only one person (e.g., spouse, one child) and has not been solely for the purpose of sexual arousal (as in sexual sadism).

A lot of these characteristics are also common to the narcissistic personality, and it is not uncommon for those with emotional disorders to have more than one disorder, which overlap.

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My heart goes out to all of you with terribly difficult neighbors. We have been blessed with exceedingly kind and fun neighbors on our street and throughout our town. (Example: when DH started cancer treatments last summer, our neighbors took turns bringing us dinner for at least 6 weeks. We all do the same for families with new babies, etc.)

The one exception is a rather curmudgeonly guy right next store. He'll start his snow blower at 10:30 on a school night; yell at the kids if the basketball goes on his driveway; won't wave at anyone when he drives down the street; etc. But compared to some of the stories here, he is seeming almost angelic.

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Driving A U-Haul, Towing A Vehicle Transporter
Well after all the looking and reading we have decided...
trying to buy worried about appraisals
I looked at a house, liked it an made an offer. The...
Moving to make room for mom?
My mother is getting to the age where she should not...
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