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suburbanjulsApril 3, 2013

Hi all,

After much dithering around, I have decided to move forward with Barker Cabinets RTA for my kitchen renovation. I am having to adapt my layout based on the cabinets they offer.

I have had my heart set on corner drawer cabinets for oh so long and they don't make them. I would like to find someone else who does and get matching drawer fronts from Barker to attach.

I have seen a few drawer manufacturers but it doesn't seem like they make the whole cabinet, just the pullout drawers that you insert into a bifold door corner cabinet.

Does anyone have suggestions, for me as I am ready to order.


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Why do you think they would offer the cabinet? it's nearly impossible to match your existing. Why not just order the blank lazy susan without doors and accessories and order the unit?

Korner King has a wide variety of options.

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Hi Kent,

Sorry if I wasn't clear, I am not adapting my current cabinets, but rather my current planned layout, which I am quite set on.

I don't expect Barker to make this type of unique cabinet, I am just looking for someone else who does. Then I will just order the drawer fronts from Barker to match all of the other cabinet boxes and fronts that I am ordering from them.

I am aware of Korner King and they would be an option if I absolutely cannot find a place to order just the corner drawer cabinet. I really want the drawers!

I have already asked Scherr's and they won't do just one cabinet, as its too small an order. I am not considering them to do the whole kitchen as I did not like the finish as well as Barker and the price was substantially more. I have approximately 30 cabinets, so I do need to be somewhat price conscious.

My thought was to just order the one cabinet elsewhere and use Barker for the fronts on that particular piece.

The other potential problem is the cabinet box height that could be different from company to company and I should have this corner cabinet figured out prior to ordering with Barker so I can make sure all will be level.

Many thanks for helping

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Blum makes it.
Can also use a standard drawer base on an angle (best if recessed about 4-1/2") an 18" wide needs 36-3/4" of wall minimum, tad more if frameless and very tight overlay.

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