where can I get decent closet doors?

hairmetal4everJanuary 29, 2011

Our condo has these horrible metal bifold doors (ca. 1969) on all the closets. They dent, they're ugly, and they all come off the tracks and don't slide.

However, we're at a loss as to what to replace them with. The cheap louvered wood or masonite bifold doors at Lowe's and Home Depot aren't much better. What I really want are bypass style, but the only ones I can find are either mirrored or metal el cheapos that look cheap and don't slide much better than what is there, or ultra-expensive wood ones made of cherry or mahogany, which is WAY overkill for the neighborhood.

What about just good old pine bypass doors or something?? Any ideas?

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Lowe's and Home depot also sell solid core doors that are special ordered. They take about three weeks to deliver. You can spend a lot if you want . They do have a lot of different finishes and designs.

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You can also look at Johnson Hardware.

They make a lot of different door hardware, including bypass door and folding.

You can then order slab doors and hang them as desired.

The Johnson hardware is much better than the cheap stuff that seems to come with doors.

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Do you have room for normal swinging doors? We have rental properties with bifold doors on the closets. Somehow, tenants always seem to tear them up. In one unit, we removed them from one closet and installed normal double swinging doors. We had to do a little bit of carpentry work to add a frame, etc., but it wasn't all that much work. I was pleased with the results.

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