Kitchen layout help

michele0901April 18, 2013

Hi all
Like many, I've been lurking for bit while we were thinking about our kitchen remodel. Now we have begun and have our preliminary layout. Please give me you comments - both what works and what doesn't.

Here's a little background: This is a small galley kitchen with pocket doors at each end. One end is by the front door hallway and the other end (with the fridge) is the dining room. The placement of appliances in this design is pretty much the same as we currently have, just tweaked a bit. We are putting in a Wolf 36" dual fuel range, SZ fench door fridge, Franke Orca sink. We don't know where to put the MW. We will be getting Starmark cabinets, probably some type of cherry. Our countertop choice is leaning to Lagos Blue, with Organic white as a backsplash. No idea about the floor yet.

We have 2 small kids (4 and 6) who like to cook with me and my husband. We want a simple and functional kitchen.We want good storage and lots of counter space. We are converting the entryway hall closet (which currently has the water heater and furnca in it) to a panrty so we don't have to go to the garage for some of our ingredients when we are cooking!

So what do you all think?

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I like it! Though have you considered having large base pull-out drawers next to the stove, as well? I think those make access a lot easier, and you might be able to more easily get quick access to cookware while you're tending the stove.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Looks very functional. Well done.

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What program do you use to get those nice diagrams/pictures?

Thank you

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Thanks for the replies!

Foxcrane: I'm thinking I might want base drawers on both sides of the range. My husband thinks they should all be drawers. Any advantage to keeping one a shelf cabinet?

Nancymark111: the pics come from our KD's CAD program.

Where is the best place for the microwave? We don't like where it is because it interferes with the usefullness of the countertop - it juts out so much!

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Well, I am a big fan of a drawer microwave, which could go right below where you currently have the MW drawn. MWs are a lot easier to use at that height. The trouble is that you would have to give up two drawers in that stack (and, of course, you get back the storage in the upper cabinet). The question is, will you have enough storage where you want it if you were to do that?

I also vote all drawers on the lowers.

Drawer MW:

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I am in the waiting stage of my kitchen remodel (cabinets ordered). I'm going with all base drawers. My Mom has doors and pullouts in one base, and in the 35 years that she has lived in the house, I can't think of very many times when the pullouts were actually pulled out. The cabinet houses pots and pans on the bottom, frying pans on the top. Now only the items in the front are readily accessible.

I can hardly wait to have lower deep drawers in my new kitchen!

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My one concern might be where you plan to store dishware. With the DW open, you will not be able to reach the cabinet above it, and everything else is pretty far away (unless you plan to use the tall cabinet directly across from the DW - that might work as long as you dont' have people running in and out the door there).

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do you have the venting situated?-the outside wall usually accomodates the range and vent.

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Michele, koodles makes a most important point re: convenient dish storage. At least a 27" wide drawer is needed for a dish drawer. Eliminate the pull out to the left of the fridge and have a wider 3 drawer bank to the left of the pull-out trash cabinet for a dish drawer. Other options include reducing the size of the sink cabinet or having an 18" wide Miele dishwasher. I understand those hold almost as much as a 24" does. Also, I would consider at least one additional drawer bank by the stove, if not both. My kitchen has a Franke Orca sink in a 36" w sink base cabinet. A pull-out with cleaning supplies is on the left side. In the back on the right side is a bread maker with my KitchenAid mixer in front. The point is that the sink cabinet can be used for storing tall, bulky items. Overall, your layout looks very nice and functional.

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Since you asked for comments both about what works and what doesn't, may I comment on the off-center sink. Honestly, it just jumped out at me first thing. Have you considered moving the DW to the left of sink, and the KB 18 to the right? I think that might allow you to place the sink under the right half of the window, where it might look more symmetrical that it does being just slightly off-center.

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Well, it is nice already, but only because you ask... :) The best, worst, and most time-consuming parts of cooking for me are the cooking itself (cleanup goes fast courtesy of my DW). So I'd give myself the most enjoyable spot for that--in front of the windows with no cabinets in my face. I deserve it, and I don't like working facing a wall even without cabinets. Meaning, I'd move cleanup to the inside wall. More than worth replumbing for me if at all possible, but hopefully the HW heater was already on that side anyway?

So, on the cook's side the stove would be directly to the left of the windows and a spacious main cooking area in front of the windows. A full-height pantry pull-out would be to its right, holding especially all those things I'm always grabbing while I cook, condiments, vinegars, oils, flours, sugars, etc. That would also "set in" the work area that much farther from the entry hall.

On the inside wall, the refrigerator and a very narrow corner storage pullout would be opposite where they are now. Another pull-out pantry would be on the opposite/entry end, but not more than 15-18" wide (this width holds a LOT). Canned goods would be over here.

The sink counter (separated from the entry by that pantry) would be in the middle. The counter on the refrigerator side of the sink (3 to 3-1/2 feet) would be for cleaning veggies, filling pots, coffeemaker. As this would be an ancillary cooking area, the MW would be in this area. The other, smaller side of the sink would be the clean-up side where mess is deposited and would hold the DW. A straight fun of upper cabinet storage would extend across the entire counter. Someone could be working over here, two people even, without being in my way.

Thanks for the fun. Enjoy creating your kitchen.

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I also would opt for centering the sink under the window, removing the trash bin and having a larger dish drawer to the left. In smaller sized kitchens some even opt for putting the trash into the sink cabinet; have you considered that? Or using a slightly smaller sink base so as to keep the trash cabinet? Another vote for all drawers in the lowers.

Have you considered removing the walls on the left to open it up to the dining room? I find an open kitchen that includes some type of dining space (table or island) so conducive for family life with children and a place to overflow when you run out of room in the kitchen proper. Removing one set of walls would also remove the necessity for these odd filler spaces that you need when butting up against walls as well as give a feeling of openness and light since light from both rooms would be shared. If you were to do that, I think you could remove the broom pullout and just keep them in the garage and those 10" could be used for additional storage/counter space as well as centering the sink under the window.

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Thanks all for you comments. They are most helpful.

To begin with, I think we are going to change those base cabinets to drawers. It really just seems to make sense. As far as dish storage goes, that will be in the drawers to the left of the range right opposite the sink. Remember this is a galley kitchen so across the way isn't very far :) I think that works better for dish storage than next to the fridge. The tall cabinet across from the dishwasher will be a food pantry. It would be tight to open those doors with the dishwasher door open.

I spend most of my time in the kitchen prepping and cleaning up. That is why the sink and the primary prep area (to the left of the sink) are facing the window. That is also why the sink is not centered with the window. I think it looks a bit awkward too, but then the counter space shrinks if the sink is centered...always a give and take. Also, I think the trash pullout is better by the prep area rather than by the dishwasher which I think as the cleaned area (we do a bit of hand washing).

I don't like the pullout to the left of the fridge either! It seems a waste of space to me, but my designer says SZ requires a minimum of 6" from a wall so that the doors open completely. I need to verify that, because it is a bit of a bummer. I see it as losing 6" of counter space!

Texasgal47: thanks for the idea about the sink cabinet. How do you like the Orca sink? Is it all you dreamed of? Does it require much maintenance?

Rosie: Those are some really interesting ideas. I'll have to spend some time thinking about that layout.

Thanks again everyone for taking the time to give me your input. As you know, this can be such a daunting task and we are trying to work with a tight schedule! (Demo to start mid-June)

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Yes, Michele, the Franke Orca sink is everything I had hoped it would be. No regrets whatsoever.

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I also have the Franke Orca for about 6 years now and it's still one of my favorite things I like about my remodel!

As you say you are not fond of the tall pullout next to the refrigerator, I'd like to reiterate my recommendation to remove (at least partially) that wall between kitchen and dining. One of my favorite ways to trim out a refrigerator and give it that built in look would be to replace it with a 12" deep pantry perpendicular to your other cabinets so that it would open into the dining room and a panel put on side facing the kitchen. I've even seen it done with the upper part in glass with puck lighting such that it is something lovely to view from your dining room as well. You would have a ton of easily accessible storage for items you like to use in the dining room. It doesn't require a pull out so it often a less expensive cabinet as well.

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I'm using valinsv's idea in my upcoming kitchen remodel, though it's already open to the dining room.

Just the right side of the floor to ceiling cabinets cover the side of the fridge - the left half is in an existing little alcove (I have a desk there now). The shelves there will be 12" deep.

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