jimmegawattAugust 29, 2010

I recently sold a home and now realize the Title Agent did not give me the proper credit for real estate taxes which results in aprox. a $500.00 mistake. Is my Real Estate agent still obligated to assist me? Who is ultimately responsible for this?

How are mistakes like this usually corrected?

Thanks, Jim

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I'd go through my lawyer at this point because he finalizes the major paperwork, especially if your agent is iffy to begin with. You want to make sure everything is absolutely done right for the future the REA isn't the one to do that.

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We traded houses and the Title, Bond and Mortgage Co. that handled all the paperwork made a mistake on the property taxes. We showed them their error and they cut us a check on the spot.

Talk to the agency that made the error.

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The title company will correct any mistakes that have been made. Go back and get an explanation.

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