Voyager update

grammypAugust 29, 2011

Magothyrivergirl asked about the tension on my Voyager. It is doing better since I cleaned the tension assembly again, only railroads on the turns (just a bit), and I can live with that. I will no longer be using pre-filled bobbins (the extras will come to the retreat for anyone who can use them) as it doesn't like them much. It has developed a new quirk, when I push the stop button, it stops, but then starts sewing again. That opens a whole new can of worms.

I did get a letter from Nolting if I want to trade her in on a Nolting machine, they will give full value on the trade. I am going to see if the Nolting will work on my frame and may work a trade. DH said the threat of trading made her work again.

I am still happy to have her and won't throw her out the window.


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Beverly, I'm glad to hear it's working better. I think I would have sent it back a long time ago!


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Beverly I would love to have a quilting system!!! Your quilting that you have posted pics of looks wonderful, you caught on fast. Sounds like their customer service is good, but I would be really frustrated. The reviews I read about the Voyagers were good, maybe you just got a lemon????

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Beverly-I typed out a long response last night, then my computer went dead! Basically - I think you have been given a golden opportunity to upgrade - how lucky you are! I would jump at the chance. Getting a Nolting - made by Nolting will allow yo to get service worry- free - or least take away the excuse it's not 'theirs'. I know you have bonded with the Voyager, and you'd have to learn a new system, but after almost 2 years - you know much more about what features you like and don't like, and what your needs are. I say go for it. I'd ask about a tradein on the frame if the machine you want won't fit your frame. Lucky you - you deserve it!

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Rosa, I do believe I just got a lemon during the change over from Hinterberg to Nolting. Nolting has been very helpful with everything, but I would still like to have a good machine. I would love to try out some of their machines, but the closest Nolting dealer is in East GA. I may do some pleading and see if DH and I can stop by a dealer on our way to the retreat. If only my first Voyager had not been cracked. She sewed like a dream.


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