cost to move shed?

ferricoxideJanuary 19, 2010

I'm thinking of moving a shed (about 8 x 10 ft) in my new house. The old owners had it built right in front of the back patio and it blocks the view. I'd like to move it back 30-50 ft into the yard out of the way. Could this be done? The shed is older (probably 20-30 years old, wood frame construction with vinyl siding), supported on cinderblocks. I was thinking one could move that with a forklift or carefully wedge it onto rollers.

Any idea how much this would cost?


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Get a landscaping crew on a spare saturday, and have 3 or 4 pieces of 4" PVC pipe handy. They could roll it across the yard on the PVC. Probably would run a 300 bucks more or less. (Empty the shed it first).

I moved and repositioned our 8x12 "amish built" wood shed solo with the PVC mentioned, a jack, some 4x4's for cribbing, etc. and a "come-along". It took me most of a day to get it in the right place and a bit elevated on cinderblocks....

...then it fell down the hill anyway (just kidding). It's not that hard, just takes time.

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BTW, I mean a professional landscaping crew that uses real power equipment, such as for installing patios, etc. (not gardeners).

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"...then it fell down the hill anyway (just kidding). It's not that hard, just takes time".

I hate when that happens!

Excellent advise from homebound! With roman tecchnology frame of mind, you can move mountains. A friend has moved many heavy and large projects with metal fence posts as rollers.

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my brother in law, myself and one other person fairly easily moved a 6 X 8 empty barn type shed around my flat yard. If your yard is flat and you have a few buddies you may want to give it a go...just need some of those pvc pipe and some wood to act as a lever, maybe a jack.

Now if you have a mean hill or its going to an area where it needs to be levelled you may be better off just calling a shed place or landscapper to have it moved.

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