Hate Selling!!

jules02August 29, 2011

I am not a big fan of this whole selling house process. We've been on the market for 50 days now with everyone telling us to be patient. Lots of showings. Great feedback. Every agent who has walked through has said our house is priced right and one even said that she had shown a lot of "crap" in our price range and that our house was the best she'd shown. Multiple potential buyers who are "seriously interested" but none of them will actually make an offer. Very annoying! What are these people waiting for?! We even had a couple come through twice who really wanted to make an offer but are going to "leave it in God's hands". Glad for them that they have that much faith but they are the buyers and are going to have to take the first step which is to make an offer. Extremely frustrating!

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How about making a Reverse Offer to the holy ones? Maybe they will think it is a sign from God!
Believe it or not, the buyers that are really liking your house are actually finding other properties that offers more perceived value than yours. I think if your showings continue to be on the high side, then just sit back and wait for a little while for the right buyer. If you keep getting showings but no offers, that probably means you are close to the correct sales price, but not quite there.

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Just be prepared because when that offer comes, there's a good chance it will be so low that you'll be tempted not to even counter it. My in-laws are going through the same thing, and after months and months of showings got a 73% offer. They countered at 95%, buyers countered at 80% so they let it die there. This was just after a $30K price reduction.

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What may be happening is you are getting a bunch of bargain hunters. Even though your house may be far superior to other houses in your price range, that still isn't good enough for these people. Nobody is happy with a "fair" price - they all want a bargain. The people who are "leaving it in God's hands" probably have a house of their own that has to sell first before they can put an offer on yours. Or maybe they are hoping God will let them win the lottery? Haha

I feel your pain - I know exactly what you are going through. Selling in today's market really stinks. I hope something good happens soon.

Good luck

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Very, well said, Cas66! These days many are not looking for a deal, but for a "steal." Some are very demanding, expecting in today's "economy" to be handed a house with all the trimmings on a silver platter. Sorry to sound so negative Jules. I wish you the best, & remember, all it takes is ONE person to change everything for you. That person will come along.

My sister just went through this in July. Her house was so beautiful, in a prestigous, sought-after gated community, & yet she ended up giving it away. The buyers weren't satisfied with a reduced price; they kept asking for more, more, more. It was really incredible to watch.

Shortly after she put her house on the market, my sister received a diagnosis that her cancer had returned from the year before. Last year, she had gone through cancer treatment & was told she was cured, so this was a shock.

She made the concessions & accomodated the buyers so she could move out & move on. She had already bought another house she is having gutted and renovated. It will be ready in October, & meanwhile she's in an apt.

Just saying, life goes on & you have to weigh the pros & cons when offers come in. Sometimes factors in your life other than money have to take center stage.

As Cas66 said, it's rough out there, so be prepared. I certainy hope your experience becomes more positive and that you sell ASAP! Best wishes.

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Selling is NEVER easy. It doesn't matter if it's a great market or a crappy one. It's stressful. it's exhausting and it's a PITA.
There's no shortcuts to getting it sold. It happens when the right person connects with your house and that's just a matter of chance.
It can happen fast or it can happen slow. You've got no control over it and that perhaps is the most frustrating thing of all about selling a house. The lost of control over your life.
Hang in there. 50 days is really not that long.

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Jules02.....I hate to say it, but "Welcome to the club"...this market is the pits...and so is selling. Rest asured, you are not alone in this...you are with a lot of people in the same boat.

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50 days is NOTHING! There is alot of advice and help on this forum. Relax, you will sell but getting uptight will not help.
Please come back and let us know how you are doing, and pictures and a listing would help. There are some very good realtors and agents on this site. Please take their advice.
Good luck

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I have a friend that's a REA and she said things traditionally slow down this time of year when school starts. Families that considered moving before school starts tend to wait until the following year b/c they don't want to change schools mid-year.

I have friends that just sold in a little under 2 months on the market. Not a lot of time in this ecomony if you ask me. They nearly gave their house away but did because they are building new and were anxious. My neighbors took over a year to sell. They were holding out for the right offer.

Its easy for me to say relax..but like others said, people are looking for steals, not just bargains. It's a good sign that you're getting showings. Be patient.

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People probably HAVE to look for steals because they had to give theirs away.

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LoveintheHouse, that's a good point.

I would probably need to do just that myself, if I sold my house today & went shopping for another tomorrow, given the plummeting value of my house.

In my personal case, my first choice would be to relocate to a lower-priced area of the country so I could make my dollars stretch.

I hope I would be fair-minded and reasonable in my dealings, but maybe my survival, self-protective instincts would rule the day instead.

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I know Stinky, that's what I was thinking myself. If it turns out I have to let my house go for even less, I'm going to have to find a better deal when I buy. I am not taking a hit on both ends.

I hope your sister is doing okay. I can't even imagine the stress that she was under.

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