Is it hard to remove Azek? Should I insist?

parksJanuary 28, 2013

(I accidentally first posted this in the woodworking forum, so I'm reposting it here.)
We're re-siding our house with HardiPlank, but the sunroom section will have Azek-like trim around it. I told the contractor that, in keeping with the Craftsman-influenced new look of the house, I wanted a flat panel under the windows, (as in the picture below, which is not my house.) I was dismayed to come today and see that what he did was apply thin strips of molding to create boxes under each of the three window sections. I don't know what it's called, but if it were wainscot, it would be called "picture frame." Not only is it the wrong "look," it also looks cheap. My question is, how difficult is it to remove the thin strip of molding? And is this look, in the picture below, difficult to create? Is this a correction I should insist upon, or should I try to learn to live with it? (My windows are not bay like this; my windows are on a straight wall, but this is the same idea.) Advice is greatly appreciated!

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It's hard to know what was installed since we don't have a photo, but what's shown in the photo above is very straightforward. Did you show the installer this photo? Is the issue a misunderstanding of your verbal description?

Good luck with your project.

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More than likely, it's easy to remove. Talk to him asap.

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I did talk to him. What he installed was base cap molding. I will load a picture. He's telling me that if he removes it, it will look too plain -- even though plain is what I want. That's the odd thing. He has created more work for himself. But I think he's doing what he knows. Most homes around here are Colonials, and he has done a lot of houses with a good amount of trim detail and I don't think he understands the Craftsman aesthetic.

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Get it done the way you want.

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I think you do have some issues, if I understand the photo posted above. It appears that the various vertical divisions are all very different, some much greater width than others (the vertical division at the extreme distance--a door?). Perhaps it's just the perspective of the photograph and is deceiving?

Reomoving the small base cap moulding will simplify things but it may also accentuate the diverse proportions of the vertical seperations if that's how they truly appear.

Is there additional window head, jamb and sill trim to be installed for each window? They look unfinished with obvious gaps.

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Thanks, everyone. We're starting over. He is removing the basecap molding, and then creating four square boxes -- more of a Craftsman look. I'll post pictures when it's done. virgilcarter, I need to talk to him about trim for the windows. The picture is deceiving, though -- it's the angle; all boxes are the same size, but they're being changed anyway. Thanks, all!

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